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Raptors targeting centers Jusuf Nurkic, Jakob Poeltl, Myles Turner, Robert Williams and Nic Claxton

The Raptors have searched for a center on the market and expressed interest in trading for several centers, including Jakob Poeltl, Myles Turner, Robert Williams, Nicolas Claxton and Jusuf Nurkic. Toronto has all its first-round picks looking ahead, which can be dangled as trade bait for a potential starting-caliber center. The Raptors have flirted with the idea of moving a first-round pick to re-acquire Poeltl, HoopsHype has learned. San Antonio is seeking a first-round pick and a quality player for Poeltl, according to Marc Stein. Poeltl is averaging career-highs in points (13.3), rebounds (9.0), and assists (2.8) this season.

Blazers, Pacers talked Myles Turner trade

Before Myles Turner sustained a stress reaction in his left foot, league personnel were pointing to the Pacers center as perhaps the first big domino to fall this trade window. There was strong momentum in conversations between Indiana and Portland, sources said, yet there’s dwindling confidence from league personnel about Turner’s injury timeline and his ability to help a potential new team’s playoff push this season.

Trade season in the NBA can be a very stressful time. It’s not a video game or a fantasy league. You can’t trade someone and they’re available to play tomorrow. Professional athletes aren’t avatars, even though their size and abilities make them seem unreal. “I would say the first time I’ve dealt with trade rumors was probably like four years ago,” Turner continued. “I didn’t know what to think of it. As the summers progressed, I kept hearing more things, and that stuff was almost getting done. I kind of got used to hearing it all the time. I just took it as part of the business.”

Michael Scotto: Myles Turner’s stress reaction injury to his foot could have a pretty sizable impact on the trade market. Right now, in talking with executives, there are two different feelings. A team is either going to try and buy a little lower on Turner than Indiana’s original asking price, which I recently reported as two first-round picks or one first-round pick and a promising young player. Or, teams are going to back off now that were in the mix previously due to his injury. One reason for that could be, as one NBA executive told me, “The playoff race is tight in both conferences. If a guy is going to be out for a month, you could find yourself in the play-in Tournament.”

Myles Turner elaborates on cryptic tweet

Myles Turner, the Pacers’ longest tenured player, shared a cryptic message via social media after the team’s 101-98 overtime loss to the Celtics on Monday. He had six points, three rebounds and one block, and played just one second of the extra period as Indiana fell to 1-12 in games decided by four points or less this season. Turner, who wasn’t made available to the media after the game, then posted “This Ain’t P,” a phrase made popular by rapper Gunna which basically means, ‘This isn’t cool,’ on his Twitter and Instagram. Three days later, and less than 24 hours after scoring a team-high 18 points in a 119-100 loss to the Celtics again at Gainbridge Fieldhouse, Turner elaborated Thursday on what he meant by his vague social media posts.

“I just think that got blown way out of proportion for no reason,” Turner said. ” … All I personally meant by that was I’m just not enjoying the losing aspect of this thing right now. We lost a very close game in Boston, a very winnable game. It was frustrating for me and frustrating for my camp. I have a lot of people that care about me, a lot of people that care about winning, a lot of people that care about this team, so that’s pretty much all that was.

Mavs, Knicks, Lakers and Hornets interested in Myles Turner

Rival teams are ramping up conversations with the Pacers involving guard Caris LeVert and center Myles Turner. The Mavericks and Knicks are expressing interest in trading for Turner, sources said. The Lakers and Hornets have had a level of interest in Turner as well, sources added. The Cavaliers are among interested teams in LeVert, those sources said, as he would provide a combo guard able to handle the ball and playmaker in the season-ending absence of Collin Sexton and Rubio.

Shai Gilgeous-Alexander on 76ers' radar?

The Pacers’ sudden willingness to field trade calls on two-time All-Star Domantas Sabonis and center Myles Turner, perhaps even to entertain a rebuild, does not bring them closer to the potential acquisition of Philadelphia’s Ben Simmons. The 76ers have essentially completed a third of their season at 14-12 but league sources say that president of basketball operations Daryl Morey continues to hold firm on his ambitions in a Simmons deal, seeking a return package for Simmons headlined by a player from the Damian Lillard/Shai Gilgeous-Alexander tier.

Myles Turner: 'I’m not valued as more than a rotational role player'

While Turner enjoyed every component of what he is looking for Wednesday night, his struggles to find that place in the offense consistently have made him increasingly frustrated with his situation in Indiana. “It’s clear that I’m not valued as anything more than a glorified role player here, and I want something more, more opportunity,” Turner told The Athletic Tuesday. “I’m trying really hard to make the role that I’m given here work and find a way to maximize it. I’ve been trying to the past two, three seasons. But it’s clear to me that, just numbers-wise, I’m not valued as more than a rotational role player, and I hold myself in a higher regard than that.”

Myles Turner: 'I love it in Indiana'

“I love it (In Indiana). I want to win here with this franchise, for whatever that may be,” Turner said after Indiana’s win over the Knicks Wednesday. “We just gotta get back to bringing excitement and joy back into this building. A lot of that comes from just playing hard, playing like we did tonight. Diving for loose balls and that stuff, that’s what this state appreciates about the way we play basketball and we gotta do that night in and night out.”

So Pacers president Kevin Pritchard and Carlisle convened those three players and Brogdon for an impromptu meeting to address the report. “We just talked about the article and how we try to be super transparent with the players. If they ever want to ask me anything, they can ask me anything,” Pritchard told The Athletic after the meeting was over. “When we get close to making a trade, we don’t try to just bop a guy over the head with, ‘Oh, by the way, you’re traded.’ We will give them a heads up, and we’ve done that multiple times.”

Pritchard told the players that while they are fielding plenty of calls for Sabonis and Turner, in particular, the organization still believes in their pairing and wants to see it through this season, according to multiple sources in the room. He and Carlisle told the players they still believe they can turn the season around and they do not want to go into a full rebuild at this juncture. But they have to say that if they want to hold the team together. At 11-16, can they afford to keep seeing if this can work?

The immediate residual effect from the meetings this week was obvious Wednesday night, as the offense was as cohesive as it has been all season and Turner looked great attacking the paint off the dribble. But as much as the team is telling Turner the right things as he voices his frustrations, the track record of the past few years has left him skeptical positive changes to accommodate him will last, per player sources. Regardless, Wednesday night epitomized what Carlisle is looking for out of his team.

Myles Turner likely to be traded?

Michael Scotto: This is a podcast from Myles I think is pretty relevant. He said, “The organization is going to do what’s best for the organization. They’re not inclined to care about your feelings in a sense. Now that I see myself in these rumors all the time, it’s just like another day for me. It’s like, ‘Oh, what else is new?’” Some scouts and executives have pointed out his fluctuating minutes under Rick Carlisle as a kind of a hint that he’ll ultimately be the one traded. Turner’s 25 (years old) and is signed through next season, as is Caris LeVert, who’s also signed through next season. Domantas Sabonis has two more years on his deal and has already been a two-time All-Star at 25.

Several Pacers starters on the move?

Multiple sources said that the Pacers are receptive in trade dialogue with rival teams centered on potentially moving guard Caris LeVert and either two-time All-Star Domantas Sabonis or center Myles Turner. All three players have frequently garnered significant interest from rival teams. Pacers officials have received frequent calls on both of their big men over the past several seasons, but new head coach Rick Carlisle wanted an opportunity to spend time with Sabonis and Turner and grow with the roster.

Myles Turner on trade rumors: 'This is a business at the end of the day'

Myles Turner on trade rumors: Three years ago was the first time it really kind of got to me because I’d see it all the time, and people were saying it was a sure thing. It was like, every time I opened up my phone, I saw my name there. At one point, I was like I loved the attention. The second time, it can be overwhelming for a younger player because you think you have some comfortability in a city and you could get moved at any time, and you see situations like that across the league all the time. You’ve got to go out there and take control of your own destiny. If you get traded, so be it. Go out there and kill it. If you stay with your organization, come out and show them why they paid you. You can make it an ego thing, but this is a business at the end of the day. The organization is going to do what’s best for the organization. They’re not inclined to care about your feelings in a sense. Now that I see myself in these rumors all the time, it’s just like another day for me. It’s like, “Oh, what else is new?”

Myles Turner, TJ Warren on the block

13 Indiana Pacers: DAVION MITCHELL. The Pacers are juggling trade talks involving Myles Turner, T.J. Warren, and this pick in separate deals. Sign-and-trade scenarios involving some of the many restricted free agents available this offseason have also been discussed, league sources say. Indiana could use a surge of shot making, whether it comes via trade or the draft. Here, the Pacers take Mitchell, who shined during the NCAA tournament and has the skills to carry over his success to the NBA.

The organization has spoken with the Indiana Pacers about a deal, with Myles Turner’s name being in those conversations, The Ringer’s Kevin O’Connor reported Friday morning. “They are having trade conversations, I have not seen reported that, I believe I had it in my story that they’ve had some conversations with the Pacers, the Pacers have been one of the more active teams, the name that I’ve heard involved in those conversations is Myles Turner,” O’Connor said on the “NBA Mismatch” podcast.

Myles Turner on Mavericks' radar

Our own Grant Afseth recently wrote about how the Mavs could take advantage of the dysfunction the Indiana Pacers are currently experiencing and snag T.J. Warren, but one source has us sniffing around another Pacers possibility. According to said source, there could be interest that would unite the Mavs and Pacers’ versatile big man Myles Turner. If Dallas does ultimately decide to move on from Porzingis, trading him to Indiana for Turner might be one of the more realistic options the Mavs front office will have.

Myles Turner on Pacers: 'There's no place I'd rather be'

He’s just trying not to think about it. Asked about the Boston rumors, Turner told I love Indianapolis and there’s no place I’d rather be than here – it’s my second home and the fans are the best the NBA has to offer. In terms of any trade rumors, I’m really just trying to stick to basketball. I’m laser-focused on being the best I can be on the court, supporting my teammates and trying not to get wrapped up in rumors. And at the end of the day this is a business I’m fully aware of that and conduct myself as such, I’m confident in my skillset and growth that I feel I’d thrive anywhere I’m at. The grass is greener wherever I’m at.

Knicks, Lakers, Clips, Hornets and Pels interested in Myles Turner

With the trade deadline nine days away, Myles Turner’s name will inevitably come up when it comes to teams who have interest in him. There are more than a few. The New York Knicks, L.A. Lakers, L.A. Clippers, Charlotte Hornets and New Orleans Pelicans are among those who have explored whether the Pacers are willing to part with the league’s leading shot-blocker, league sources tell IndyStar.

And as is usually the case when the Celtics don’t turn a highly publicized rumor into a reality, we’re getting a reason why that deal never went through. According to ESPN’s Zach Lowe, the Celtics were never really that high on Turner. Boston apparently didn’t see him as a very big upgrade to their frontcourt, and was even exploring other deals to trade Turner had the deal with Indiana come to fruition. “Talking to people and reading the tea leaves as best I could, it really comes down to the Celtics didn’t want Myles Turner,” Lowe said on The Lowe Post Podcast. “I did hear from some teams around the league that the Celtics have done some preliminary research on what Myles Turner’s trade value would have been to them had they acquired him either in this deal or in a separate deal, and obviously didn’t like what they saw.”

As noted in a recent episode of the HoopsHype podcast, Boston is looking to upgrade at center either via the draft by trying to move up to select James Wiseman or Onyeka Okongwu. Some executives around the league could see a swap of Hayward for Pacers center Myles Turner making sense as well. Another trade candidate to keep an eye on is Enes Kanter if he opts into his $5 million player option, according to HoopsHype colleague Yossi Gozlan, who is our salary cap expert.

The active phone conversations for Indiana could be a sign of what’s to come this summer. Rival executives believe the Pacers will eventually break up their big man trio of All-Star Domantas Sabonis, Myles Turner and rookie Goga Bitadze. Turner is the name most rival executives believe will be traded, and the Cavaliers were among the teams who called to do due diligence on his availability before they landed Andre Drummond from Detroit, according to league sources.

The active phone conversations for Indiana could be a sign of what’s to come this summer. Rival executives believe the Pacers will eventually break up their big man trio of All-Star Domantas Sabonis, Myles Turner and rookie Goga Bitadze. Turner is the name most rival executives believe will be traded, and the Cavaliers were among the teams who called to do due diligence on his availability before they landed Andre Drummond from Detroit, according to league sources.
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Jonas Valanciunas would like extension with Pelicans

Valanciunas also talked about his future in the NBA with the New Orleans Pelicans. The Lithuanian big man revealed he would like to stay with the Pelicans. “We had some talks with [the team]. I think this summer won’t be easy for them [team executives] because they will have to make a few key decisions. Our season didn’t go as planned, so there will definitely be changes,” Valanciunas said. “I would like to stay and extend my contract,” JV continued. “Obviously, during the season, you try to help the team as much as possible, but when the summer comes, you try to take care of your own things – how to extend the contract and stuff.”
In an interview with Kestas Rimkus from, the 31-year-old talked about his situation in the NBA, a possible return to the EuroLeague, and the upcoming FIBA Basketball World Cup. “I can see myself playing for a European club,” Valanciunas revealed Kestas Rimkus from “I felt sympathy for European basketball for the whole of my life, so I would not rule such a possibility in the future.” “At this moment, I prefer teams with Lithuanian connections, including Barcelona with Saras and Rokas [Jokubatis]. Whether I’ll play there one day? It’s difficult to say. It’s two different things to support and play for the team,” Valanciunas added.