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New winds are starting to blow in the European basketball world. The NBA has been actively researching the market for quite some time, but it’s starting to be much more than that now. FIBA has already shown an initiative to sit behind the negotiation table with the EuroLeague while the NBA representatives are watching the situation. The NBA is believed to be the power that finally puts the conflict to bed. FIBA has contacted NBA commissioner Adam Silver regarding the opportunity, and the league’s leader has reacted affirmatively. The EuroLeague did not disregard the invitation as well.

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NBA vice-president of NBA Europe Jesus Bueno: When we look at Europe, a continent where I was born and raised and played in the ACB, we see tremendous basketball culture. Europe has a strong fanbase, and the basketball level is really high here. We want to openly look at how we can benefit the current ecosystem so that it improves even more. We are ready to negotiate with anybody, whether it’s FIBA, EuroLeague, EuroLeague clubs, or representatives from national federations, and find out if we can be beneficial. We are already operating at a ground level, and we’re communicating with more than 28 federations in hopes of developing basketball not only in Europe. We have launched more than 100 Jr. NBA leagues.

NBA admit negotiations with FIBA and Euroleague

The National Basketball Association said Friday that it had begun negotiations with world basketball body FIBA and the EuroLeague about unifying the game in Europe. The organization of basketball in Europe fractured in 2000 amid arguments over TV rights. “As part of our ongoing collaboration with both stakeholders, we recently were invited to engage in discussions about how we can work together to grow basketball in Europe. We look forward to participating in subsequent conversations moving forward,” NBA spokesman Mike Bass said.

“FIBA confirms that, following an invitation to the President and CEO of Euroleague Basketball, but also to the shareholders of ECA, a meeting was held in mid-September to discuss the unification of European Basketball. As a key factor in the development of basketball and given that it’s a longtime partner of FIBA, the NBA was also invited and participated in the meeting. After the end of the discussion, all parties agreed to meet again in the coming months.”

NBA Europe league in the works?

The shift in continental basketball could be about to occur and it will be huge, with the NBA preparing to form a European Conference alongside FIBA, which would leave the EuroLeague behind. The European conference would be built under the NBA umbrella, essentially calling it NBA Europe, and it will be a selection of the best players in the world outside of the North American division.
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