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Luka Doncic on Devin Booker's 'The Luka Special' comment: I don't really care... It's all right

What’s the competitive dynamic in this series like between you, Chris Paul and Devin Booker? Luka Doncic: “It’s just, like I say, it’s playoffs. It’s always going to be like that, so it’s nothing new to me.” Did you see the clip of Booker after he got fouled and called his dramatics “The Luka Special”? Doncic: “Yeah.” What did you think of that? Doncic: “I don’t really care. It’s all right.”

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Eddy Curry: I'm not upset about my career... but people still harbor anger about my career

Eddy Curry: I’m not ashamed or upset about my career. A lot of times, I get met with anger. I think people wanted my career to go a certain way. It’s like if you’re mad that I didn’t do this or that, how do you think I feel? I’m here now. There’s nothing I can do about it. It’s not like I can go sign with a team and try to correct this or that. It is what it is. I’m trying to build from here on. I think people still harbor this real anger about my career. I find that intriguing.

Bam Adebayo on call with Draymond Green after media comments by Green: What the f---? Do you not watch me play?

For Draymond Green, the exposure has been exhilarating. But it can also be tricky, particularly when he offends his peers. For instance, a few months ago, Miami’s Bam Adebayo was livid after listening to Green’s podcast because he wasn’t named as a shoo-in for Defensive Player of the Year. So Bam Adebayo gave Green a call. “He was like, ‘What the f—, you mean nobody has solidified themselves as Defensive Player of the Year?'” Green recalled. “‘Do you not watch me play?'”
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Orlando Magic could target Jordan Poole?

The Warriors can pass on an extension for Poole if they choose, allowing him to become a restricted free agent next summer. If he gets there, one league executive speculates that we can expect at least one team with cap space to be ready to pounce. “I’d watch out for the Magic to be ready to make an offer if he’s restricted, knowing there’s a good chance Golden State is not going to match,” one Eastern Conference executive told Heavy Sports.