NBA Rumor: Nik Stauskas Free Agency

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Nik Stauskas to sign with G League

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“I just finished a season in Spain, the season got cut short because I had to have surgery on my knee, unfortunately,” Stauskas told McCormick. “It was my first experience overseas in the Euro League and it was eye-opening. It was an enjoyable experience. The level of competition was great. I only signed a one-year deal here. I’ll be a free agent again. My main focus right now is just getting myself healthy after the surgery. I really don’t know what the next chapter brings for me but the goal for me is to always get back to the NBA at some point. I’ll continue working for that no matter what.”

That potential career path won’t be pursued until his playing days are over. For now, though, he plans to get as much experience as he can in his home country of Canada. “The last couple of years I’ve done some work with TSN, the Toronto Sports Network, in Canada, doing Raptors playoff coverage,” Stauskas said. “I plan to continue doing that as much as I can while I visit my family back in Toronto. For me, that’s just something that’s good practice, good repetition, for a possible future job doing that full-time when I’m done playing.”

Stauskas was first acquired by the Cavs in last week’s Rodney Hood trade. Two days later, Stauskas was sent to the Houston Rockets — part of the three-team deal involving Alec Burks. Then, prior to Thursday’s trade deadline, Houston shipped Stauskas to the Indiana Pacers, where he was ultimately waived. Because he was traded once more by Houston after his brief stop in Cleveland and then waived by another team, in this case Indiana, the Cavs were able to sign him.
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April 20, 2021 | 3:34 pm EDT Update

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You’ve been ballin’, though. You averaged around 24 points a game in March and 23 points a game since the All Star Break. But you aren’t the clear cut choice for Rookie of the Year. What do you think? Are you the Rookie of the Year? Anthony Edwards: Everybody be askin’ me, I just tell them the same thing: Whoever picking the trophy, whatever it’s called, if they think I am, then yeah. If they don’t, then cool. I’m just here to play basketball. I’m tryin’ to be the best that I can be. I think you’re the Rookie of the Year! Tell me why you might be. Edwards: Well, I’m playing at a really high level right now. Like, I’m playing at a really, really high level. I’m scoring the ball at will. I’m getting a lot of steals. I feel like I’m really fun to watch. See, you don’t know if I have a Rookie of the Year vote. I might need some convincing. We know you’re fun. We see it! What else is it? Edwards” Ain’t too much I’mma do convincin’ wise and talkin’ wise. I just like to go to the court. I don’t really do too much talkin’.
Cool, glad we know some baseball guys. You’ve said before that your favorite team as a kid was the Thunder, because of Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant. You’ve played both those teams now, is that still true? Has your perception of those two changed at all? Anthony Edwards: Nahhhhh. As far as Durant being my favorite player? Nah. Hell nah, that hasn’t changed. He’s still my favorite player.
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