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The Sunday Telegraph investigation also revealed Cambage told Nigerian players before the practice match that she wished she was playing for Nigeria because her Australian teammates were racist. An Opals player who attended the Las Vegas camp in June last year said Cambage’s outburst pushed the team to breaking point and was the final straw. “There had been so many behavioural issues that had gone on previously that we could write a book, but that (Vegas) incident happened to be the final straw which happened to be the worst one,” they said.

Jokić politely declined The Athletic’s request recently to speak more in-depth regarding his MVP award and his relationship with Serbia. “For the people in Serbia, they also need the national team games,” Divac, a Basketball Hall of Famer, told The Athletic. “Obviously, it was kind of bad timing for him after the season where he played every game and averaged almost 40 minutes, being tired, being in the playoffs, he just couldn’t make it for the national team. And obviously, they lost in Olympic qualifications. “So he took a little bit of a hit from that. But I support him big time because people don’t understand NBA basketball. It’s rough. It would be very difficult on his body to continue to play in the summer.”

When asked at the Nuggets’ media day in late September if he knew Serbians were disappointed with him for not playing, Jokić, sitting in front of a Nuggets backdrop, paused with a confused look and asked: “Where (was I) not playing?” “The Olympics,” the reporter responded. “We didn’t play (in the) Olympics, brother,” Jokić said. “We didn’t qualify.” “In the preliminary ones,” the reporter said, clarifying the distinction. “Ah, yeah,” Jokić said. “I mean, I made a decision. If it’s good, if it’s bad, I’m going to stick to it. So I wouldn’t change it if I could play again because I made a decision.”

Jokić was criticized in the Serbian media and online, ranging from expletive-laden tweets, to nasty memes on Facebook groups, to complex Reddit threads. One Serbian tabloid went as far as to label Jokić a “national traitor” on its cover, though the corresponding article ironically criticized the flak Jokić received despite its clickbait headline. Still, the shocking rhetoric — particularly the word “traitor” — was a direct response to the Serbian zeitgeist’s reaction to Jokić.

“As a player, I never blame anybody for not playing in it,” Bogdanović told The Athletic. “I understand the situation he’s in because we’re under a lot of pressure to play for our country. It’s his decision. He has his reasons for why he didn’t play, but he knows we always want him to play and the country wants him to play. He’s that type of player. “… Sometimes, you don’t know how someone feels about that kind of pressure because you don’t know where his brain is at and where his mental health is at and where’s his physical health at. Everyone has their own different circumstances.

RJ Marquez: Kevin Durant with a message to those who doubted Team USA and Gregg Popovich. This was on Instagram live: “They were talking s*** about Pop saying he couldn’t get us to lock in…stop playing man! We were going to get this dub.”

2 years ago via FIBA

The math is simple. Eight players were not enough to even have a regular basketball 5v5 practice. You hear players mention the word “sacrifice” a lot. But what the men from the top offices of the USA Basketball had to do to get the team to where they wanted to be took even more than sacrifice, because the three players from the USA Select Team knew they were always going to be in the background. They didn’t care, though. They were ready to join the team in the exhibition games before the Olympic Games. They even made the trip to Japan to help the squad play 5v5 in practices until the NBA Finalists arrived. Draymond Green doesn’t want you to forget about them. “We had three guys, John Jenkins, Cam Reynolds and Josh (Magette) who gave up their time with no reward in the end, except to see this team win the gold medal,” Green said after winning the Final against France in the Saitama Super Arena. He went on: “Those guys are special. We had nine guys, we lost Bradley Beal, Kevin Love – we started losing guys, and those guys were here. Doing everything we needed to win a gold medal. It’s a very special group, it’s not just the twelve guys you saw win the gold medal.”

This time, though, he wasn’t standing at attention. While his Team USA players hooted, hollered and waved Old Glory on the court in front of him, celebrating the Olympics vindication that their 72-year-old coach had craved his entire adult life, Popovich sat alone in his chair on the sideline at Saitama Super Arena. “I was totally frozen,” Popovich said after USA Basketball beat France 87-82 in the Tokyo Games gold-medal game Saturday. “I didn’t do anything. I sat there scared to death.”

“Tonight, our guys were pretty special on him,” Popovich said of Mills. “But he has been special for the Spurs, and he’s moving on to Brooklyn now. And we’ll miss him a great deal. But I think it’s a good move for him, he’ll get to play for a team that’s going to be a contender. And I’m thrilled with the victory, obviously, but when I looked him in the eyes, I felt badly because they do have great camaraderie and great history and culture. And they want it just as badly as any of us. So, that was a little bit sad, but that’s what we all do, right? We all try to win.”

The Australians credited Team USA’s swarming, switching defense. Australian coach Brian Goorjian said “​​unique to the competition from everybody else we’ve played is their ability to switch 1 through 5.” He said that ability is not only what makes the USA the favorite in this tournament, but also “they’re as good a Team USA team that I’ve played against.” It’s an interesting statement, given that this team has lost three games and Goorjian was coaching in the 2008 Olympics — the year of the “Redeem Team.”

Luka Doncic rips officiating after loss to France

Luka Doncic’s disappointment with Slovenia’s loss to France in the second Olympic Games semifinal was more than obvious in the finale with the Dallas Mavericks superstar also expressing his frustration on his way to the locker room. After the end of the game, Doncic was shouting “FIBA is probably happy” while walking through the media mixed zone per ’15min’. He was also reported to shout “FIBA happened” while Slovenia big man Ziga Dimec was being asked questions about the game.

Callie Caplan: Luka’s opening statement after Slovenia’s semifinal loss to France: “We might have surprised a lot of people … but we’re not giving up yet.” He’s got ice wrapped around his left wrist after crashing into the courtside plexiglass, but said it’s just precautionary.

FIBA | #Basketball #Tokyo2020: 🗣️ “Nicolas is a class act. He told me he hates playing against me, but in a good way. That was nice of him, he’s just a class act.” – @luka7doncic 🇸🇮 #Tokyo2020 | #Basketball

This situation never happens — never does the start of free agency coincide with the Olympics. To make it even stranger, Japan is 13 hours ahead of the American East Coast. So when free agency began at 6 p.m. Monday in the States, it was 7 a.m. Tuesday in Japan. Teams cannot talk to players before then, but preliminary discussions with player agents dominate the hours (and days) leading up to the official start of free agency. “This morning I woke up at 3:30, I called my agent, like, ‘You gotta get a deal done right now so I can move on from it,’” Batum said.

Ben Golliver: Argentina, Australia and a few hundred spectators salute Luis Scola with a standing ovation as he checks out of Olympic quarterfinal. Scola just completed his fifth Olympics at age 41.

By now, the explanations and excuses are worn. New team. Short training camp. Three players at the NBA Finals. Greater continuity for other countries. COVID-19 took Bradley Beal off the roster. Injuries kept other stars out. The Americans are two wins from overcoming all of it. “As we started to practice a bit more, and going through those losses, we started to understand our roles a bit more and coach started to understand the rotation,” Durant said. “I think you mix all of that in the pot, you start to build a real team. That’s what I feel like we are at this point.”
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March 20, 2023 | 11:58 am EDT Update

Shaquille O'Neal undergoes hip surgery

Shaquille O’Neal sparked concern after sharing a photo of himself in a hospital bed on Sunday … but TMZ Sports has learned the NBA legend simply needed to fix a nagging injury, and he’s now doing OK. Our sources tell us the 51-year-old went under the knife over the weekend to have an issue with his hip corrected — and everything went according to plan. We’re told he’s already on the mend.
March 20, 2023 | 11:35 am EDT Update

Both Lakers and Austin Reaves interested in re-signing

Austin Reaves’ surge is setting him up for a fascinating offseason. He will be a restricted free agent this summer, and will undoubtedly have multiple suitors looking to pry him from the Lakers — especially after stat lines like Sunday’s. Both the Lakers and Reaves’ camp have interest in Reaves re-signing in Los Angeles, according to multiple league sources who were granted anonymity so that they coud speak freely. The max the Lakers can offer Reaves is a four-year, $50.8 million contract if they chose to use his Early Bird Rights, but they also have the power to match any contract he signs with another team.
The coming weeks will ultimately determine how the situation plays out. The Lakers have 10 regular-season games remaining, and possibly some postseason games as well. In the meantime, Reaves is thriving as his role expands and his confidence grows down the stretch of this season. “It’s special,” Reaves said of playing for the Lakers. “I mean, I grew up a Lakers fan. To do it for this organization, especially, is surreal. Sometimes I gotta stop and really think about what I am doing. … All I’m really happy about is the win.”
NBA Communications: Tonight, the Philadelphia 76ers can become the third team from the Eastern Conference to clinch a spot in the 2023 NBA Playoffs. The 76ers host the Chicago Bulls at 7 p.m. ET on the NBA App. Clinch scenario ⬇️