NBA Rumor: O'Neal-Lillard Beef

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The Blazers star famously uses a rap pseudonym ‘Dame D.O.L.L.A.’ and has consistently been working on his craft on the mic over the years. After launching his fourth studio album last week, Lillard sat down with Complex’s Pierce Simpson to discuss a myriad of topics – including his claim as the greatest NBA rapper ever. “Yes. No hesitation at all,” said Lillard. “And me and Shaq was cool, a lot of people thought when we was going back and forth, that we didn’t like each other. But like to me, it’s just really what I think. I think people always say that, ‘Oh, Shaq got platinum albums or whatever he got’… But Shaq is like a mega star. He is damn near icon level.

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June 28, 2022 | 12:13 pm EDT Update

June 28, 2022 | 11:13 am EDT Update
The Nets and Irving did come close to an agreement late last week, sources said, before talks stalled out. Sources said Irving had three potential opt-in-and-trade options available to pursue before making his final decision. Across the league, there are only five teams with projected salary-cap space: Detroit, San Antonio, Orlando, Indiana and New York, with all wanting to build around younger players or prioritizing other free agents. For their part, the Lakers were much more motivated to have Irving sign as a free agent than they were in acquiring the three-time All-NBA guard via trade, sources said. And as Irving went through his opt-in-and-trade options — as well as the potential of joining the Lakers in free agency — the decision to return to Brooklyn crystalized.
Irving’s agent, Shetellia Riley Irving, and the Nets front office held extensive and productive extension discussions over the past six days, with sources on both sides describing good-faith negotiations to reach a new deal. The Nets and Shetellia Riley Irving worked through various proposals, including a two-year max extension that included incentives based on games played as well as a four-year max that included two years guaranteed and triggers for years three and four based on the games played in years one and two, sources said. Irving showed a willingness to accept an incentive-based deal before a final counter was made to the Nets, according to sources: a short-term contract extension protecting both sides with a player option. Brooklyn declined.