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Gasol, a three-time Olympic medalist with Spain, has been out of action for more than a year because of a foot injury. He said the coronavirus pandemic has slowed his recovery process, but that was not necessarily a bad thing. “I’m feeling good. I’ve had more time to recover,” he was quoted as saying by Spanish media. “When I can start running and jumping I will have a lot more information to know for sure if the foot and the bone are consolidated for me to be playing professional basketball again.”

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With the NBA suspended indefinitely and the Tokyo Olympics postponed to 2021, Gasol is afforded more time—without missing any potential games—as he recovers from May 2019 foot surgery. “Right now I focus on what I can control, which is trying to get healthy and get my foot right and try to get that bone to heal, which is a difficult bone that didn’t heal the way I expected it to when I joined the [Portland] Trail Blazers,” Gasol said. “I’m just focusing on that—making sure my foot heals and I have the chance potentially to play professional basketball again.”

Remaining at home in Northern California amid the pandemic, Gasol is able to devote as much time as he can to rest, recovery and rehabilitation. He said he typically does a two-hour workout before lunch each day as well as therapy and rehab on his foot. He follows video workouts sent to him by his trainer. “Obviously my life has been affected and my rehab process has been affected, but that doesn’t mean I cannot continue to work out and continue to follow my therapy to the extent I can,” Gasol said. “It’s not ideal, but I can do it at a high level.”

Gasol, 39, decided to keep pushing his body so he can hopefully compete in the Olympics, now rescheduled to start July 23, 2021. To get the maximum out of his skills, though, Gasol said he’d most likely have to play in the NBA next season, which would be his 20th year. “Obviously if I want to play in the Olympics in 2021, I would have to play competitive basketball at a high level to be ready,” Gasol said. “But first, again, go back to priority No. 1 is get healthy and see that the foot and the bone is completely healed and can sustain.
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Now you wanted to play in the Olympics this summer would have been your fifth Olympics. Can you hang on for 2021? Pau Gasol: Well, I’m gonna try. But first of all, I was just got to, I got to focus on what I can control which is my rehab and, and kind of follow that process and get healthy, get that foot strong. And now then find out whether if I can or I won’t. So that’ll be the that’ll be the process and, and right now everything is up in the air. So we have to kind of wait and see it’s hard to access any medical facility now to get any type of test done. So all that’s been postponed and delayed. So I’m just gonna, you know, kind of take it, take it one day at a time just like everyone else do, we’ll do what I can stay positive, stay strong to stick to my routines and, and be ready for for when I’m able to go out there and find out.

Pau Gasol aiming for comeback

Gasol admitted that there are retirement thoughts circling in his mind. After all, he becomes 40 years old in July. “It’s a possibility that there is there too. I’ll have 40 springs this summer, which is not a small number. I understand that sooner or later, whether this summer, next season or another, my retirement is inevitable. I hope not already,” Gasol added. “I hope that the foot recovers so that it can allow me to play a little more. We will see how much more. Enjoy one last season.”

The president of the Spanish Basketball Federation, Jorge Garbajosa, stated that Pau Gasol plans to play in the 2020 Olympic Games. “He will do everything possible and part of the impossible to be there. If Pau wants and can, he will be. And if he can’t be on the court, let him be there in any position he wants. We will always wait for him,” Garbajosa said, per Marca.

Gasol signed a guaranteed one-year deal with Portland this summer, but the Blazers wisely inserted a clause that gave them some protection – if he missed 15 consecutive games due to a problem with his left foot or ankle, the contract would no longer be guaranteed. Monday was Portland’s 15th game, and Gasol hadn’t been healthy for any of them. So the Blazers are now free to waive him and not have his fully guaranteed $1,620,504 count against their salary cap – doubly important (literally) given that the team is $11M into the luxury tax.

But while it’s unclear when he will play his first game with the Blazers, he’s more concerned with being ready for April and May than October and November. “I try not to think about how much time I’m going to miss,” Gasol said. “I’m not going to be able to play with the team early on. I’m trying to make sure that when I do get back, I’m there for good. And the ankle and the foot are not giving me any issues … and (I’m) able to build once I step on the floor with the team.”

Pau Gasol is easing his way into his 19th NBA training camp. The future Hall of Famer is coming off off-season surgery to repair a stress fracture in his left foot and has been limited in the first three days of practice, participating mostly in non-contact and shooting drills. “So far so good,” Gasol said Thursday. “Body’s doing great, now it’s just the ankle getting used to the pushing off and the pushing and holding people and the more explosive moves.”
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“It’s going to be difficult,” Gasol said in an interview tweet by EFE Deportes. “I would have loved to have been with the national team, with my teammates. For me the national team has always been very important to take part in. I’m very proud to compete for the national team and to fight to achieve success at international level. “But due to the injury and the subsequent surgery, I’m not going to be able to go to the World Cup in China. I will nevertheless be supporting the team and hoping they have a great tournament. I’ve always been close to them for many reasons, we are a family. It’s not a slogan, it’s a reality of our team. I hope we can qualify for the Olympic Games and that I can be back next year.”

Spurs point guard Tony Parker said Pau Gasol suffered a shoulder injury Monday during the team’s 100-98 win over the Memphis Grizzlies, casting doubt on the center’s availability for Thursday’s showdown at the Golden State Warriors. Gasol was hurt during the second half in a collision with his brother Marc Gasol, the Grizzlies center, and finished the contest with two points, seven rebounds and four assists. “He hurt his shoulder, and he told me it was bad,” Parker said. “We will see, but I’m pretty sure he’s not going to play against Golden State.”

Gasol acknowledges it will take him some time to round into form. He hasn’t missed as many as 15 consecutive games since a foot injury cost him 20 in a row in 2012-13. “I wish it didn’t take long at all,” said Gasol, who has at least been able to keep up with his conditioning while on the injured list. “It’s going to take a while to get the rhythm and the flow and get the conditioning the way it was. I worked hard with the staff, and that’s going to help me in the long run.”
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