NBA Rumor: Paul Millsap Trade?

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Trade involving James Harden, Ben Simmons official

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Chris Haynes: My @NBAonTNT report on Paul Millsap who is in Atlanta training while Brooklyn Nets search for a trade. In a phone conversation with the veteran, he spoke about the matter for the first time.

Nuggets standing pat?

And what seems even more clear as Jokic wades deep into his third season of playing alongside Jamal Murray, Gary Harris, Will Barton and Paul Millsap is that any move shaking up Denver’s starters appears increasingly unlikely — and unwarranted. In conversations with numerous people around the team, there has been a strong sense of optimism about where Denver sits. No one thinks this team has hit its stride just yet. But Jokic has returned to MVP candidate form, players like Harris are finding their footing, and shots have largely begun to fall.

Lakers interested in Nerlens Noel

The Lakers have inserted themselves on trade talks this season and will continue to do so. They had talks with Atlanta about Paul Millsap and expressed interest in Nerlens Noel, if the Sixers decide to go ahead with a deal for him. But the best asset the Lakers can put forth is a future draft pick, probably not until 2021 depending on how the lottery plays out this May. That’s going to limit their activity on the market, and there is a chance they could even be a seller with a veteran such as Luol Deng.
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Millsap, who is in his fourth season in Atlanta, said he is used to hearing his name in trade rumors annually. However, the three-time All-Star admits that the uncertainty over his future was weighing on him daily. “(Now) I can get on with just playing … (instead of waking) up in the morning, look at the media and see what is going on,” said Millsap. “I don’t have to focus on any of that. I can focus on basketball, where I will be at for the rest of this year and try to win games for this team.”

“Rumors are rumors,” Millsap said Tuesday before the Hawks departed for a four-game road trip. “I think we know that. Been down this road before. I think we talked at the beginning of the year that it wasn’t going to be the first or the last time. It is what it is. Whatever happens, I think everybody knows where my heart is and where I want to be. But we’ll see what happens. The only thing I can worry about and I can do is to go out there and play my butt off every night and try to get wins for this team.” And his heart would be here? “That would be here, yes,” he said.

Paul Millsap will not be traded. The Hawks’ all-star power forward has been taken off the trading block, according to several people familiar with the situation. General manager Wes Wilcox began informing teams on the decision on Monday. The Hawks took a “long, hard look” at trading Millsap but ultimately decided he is too valuable to the franchise and they want to keep him, according to one person familiar with change of decision. The new mandate may have come from Hawks ownership.

Would the Celtics be interested in Millsap? Some things would likely need to happen: Millsap would have to agree to honor the final year of his contract and the Celtics would have to offer the Hawks a chip for the long-term future — likely one of those Brooklyn picks — along with the expiring contract of Amir Johnson and likely another starter to match up salaries. It would be quite a sacrifice for the Celtics, and it would also mean Horford would have to move to center, a position he would prefer not to play.

That the Hawks have already (reportedly) dealt Korver and are (reportedly) intensifying talks about moving Millsap only turns the temperature up higher. There is no doubt he could help any team, and the Raptors particularly. “Like I tell everybody, Paul is the most unselfish all-star you probably will ever find,” said Carroll. “He’s always been a team player. He always fills the stat sheets. If he wanted to he could go out and get 30 points and try and get up 20 shots a game but he always does whatever it takes to help the team win. “That’s why so many teams want him right now. You can just plug him in. He’s not going to be that selfish guy who’s just trying to get numbers, he’s going to do what it takes to try and win games and hopefully win a championship.”

Asked whether he was thinking about his future with the Hawks in light of the potential Korver deal, Millsap said, “No. It’s not about me. Today’s not about me. Today’s about Kyle. It’s about Kyle leaving, Kyle going to the Cleveland Cavaliers. I’m not a selfish guy, so it’s not about me. It’s not about what’s happening to me next. It’s about cherishing the time that Kyle has been here, cherishing him being a great teammate. We’ll see what happens.”

William Lou: Some news on Paul Millsap: @WindhorstESPN said the Hawks had a deal with the Raptors that fell through on today’s @TrueHoopTV podcast. Brian Windhorst on ESPN’s TrueHoop Podcast (15 min mark): “They almost traded (Paul Millsap) to Denver at the trade deadline last year. They also had a trade lined up for Jeff Teague and ultimately decided not to do either trade. Then over the summer, after they did trade Jeff Teague and sign Dwight Howard, they were all set to trade Millsap if Al Horford had re-signed. They were going to trade him to Toronto. That deal fell through when Horford went to Boston.”

The Hawks are not close to trading Millsap at this point. He clearly has been their best player. It doesn’t make sense right now while the team is still trying to figure out a new roster. I know the Hawks could lose Millsap after the season (more on that a later). There are several in the organization who are not ready to move on yet from the way the roster is currently constructed. This team proved its willingness to stay with its group last year.
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Al Horford and Jeff Teague have heard their names mentioned the most. Paul Millsap likely doesn’t have to worry about being moved but even he has had to insulate himself from the talk. “As players, we hear it,” Millsap said. “We talk about it a little bit. It’s good to have teammates and friends who have your back. I’ve been in those situations when your name is heard. I still hear my name to this very day. It’s probably not going to stop. You have to be a professional about it. You take it day to day and try to win games. It’s just noise. It’s like me travelling today and hearing my two kids yelling the whole flight. You’ve have to tune it out. Put the headphones on and hopefully it will stop.”
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