NBA Rumor: Players Boycott

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The Los Angeles Lakers and LA Clippers reportedly voted to end the season and leave the bubble. The meeting broke with tension among divided players and the season in jeopardy. While speaking to Bill Simmons on “The Bill Simmons Podcast,” Lakers forward Jared Dudley said the first night, he was “70-30” that the season was going to end. However, Dudley said a call from Obama had a huge impact on players deciding to resume.

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When the Milwaukee Bucks initially wanted to forfeit Game 5 of the playoff series against you guys, what was your team’s reaction and what ultimately made your team decide to join in on the protest? Aaron Gordon: We knew as a league that we needed to walk in solidarity, and we realized that it was extremely important to all move together and united. I think because of some of the past happenings with the players in that locker room, it was even more pressure.
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October 23, 2020 | 7:36 pm EDT Update
Revenue projections for the league this season were missed by about $1.5 billion, the person said. The losses were the result of a combination of factors — the shutdown caused by the pandemic, the cancelation of 171 regular-season games, completing the season in a bubble at Walt Disney World without fans, the nearly $200 million price tag for operating that bubble and a yearlong rift with the Chinese government that saw NBA games not shown on state television there.
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No decisions have been finalized on next season and talks with the National Basketball Players Association remain ongoing on many matters, including the financial parameters for the coming year. Those talks, especially on the money issue, would have to be concluded before any real decisions about next season are made. The NBPA has not made any final decisions on how it wants to see the league proceed, either. But this plan, starting in December and ending in June, would get the 2021-22 season — virus-permitting — back to normal, with 82-game slates starting in October.
The Golden 1 Center is one of 18 vote center locations opening Saturday, October 24. It will be the largest vote center in Sacramento County. “Yeah. We really think Golden 1 Center is the center hub for Sacramento County and our region. More than just basketball and events, and this is really one of those true examples of that where this building is going to be the center of our county for one of the most important days that we have in our history,” said John Rinehart, Sacramento Kings President of Business Operations.