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Rajon Rondo playing Game 2 vs. Trail Blazers?

Point guard Rajon Rondo, sidelined the past 5½ weeks with a fractured thumb on his right hand which required him to leave the bubble to undergo surgery, was upgraded to questionable for Game 2 by the team. “Rondo is working really hard to get back and we’ll have him back when he’s ready, not before,” Lakers coach Frank Vogel said after practice Wednesday. “We’re going to list him as questionable, which by definition means 50-50.”

Rajon Rondo clears quarantine, no timetable for return

Rajon Rondo will clear quarantine Monday, according to Los Angeles Lakers coach Frank Vogel, but the team is unsure when the veteran point guard would be available to suit up for the NBA playoffs. “I’m not sure exactly when he’s going to be available to be in uniform,” Vogel said on a video conference call Sunday. “We’ll get him on the court and see where he’s at. But no specific timetable yet on him.”

The Lakers said that Rondo, who started in place of James and had a near triple-double with 21 points, 12 rebounds and eight assists, has been listed as day to day. The Lakers play again Monday night at Staples Center against the Cleveland Cavaliers. Rondo said he was injured in the first half. He started the game shooting six for six from the field, but finished 10 of 22, including one of six from three-point range. “I don’t know what really happened,” Rondo said. “I looked it and it was just hurt.”

Rondo has been cleared to shoot again, and soon can rejoin the post-practice shooting competitions. “My [travel] ban has been lifted,” he said Monday. “I’m off of house arrest and I will be traveling with the team on the upcoming schedule.” Rondo’s love of Connect Four, and his savant-like ability playing the game, has been well documented. It fits the mold of a point guard known best for the way he thinks about the game. A great point guard can see a few steps ahead of whatever is happening on the court, and Rondo can do that within a game like Connect Four.
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Los Angeles Lakers point guard Rajon Rondo had surgery Friday to repair a ligament in his right ring finger and is expected to miss four to five weeks, the team announced. It is the second surgery Rondo has had on his shooting hand this season. Rondo injured the finger during the Lakers’ 127-101 win over the Golden State Warriors on Christmas. The Lakers believe the injury came during a third-quarter play when he got tangled up with Draymond Green. Rondo had 15 points, 10 assists and 5 rebounds in the game.
2 years ago via ESPN

Ohm Youngmisuk: A source confirmed that Rajon Rondo is expected to have surgery again on his right shooting hand and could miss a month. The Lakers said they would update Rondo’s status today after announcing on Wednesday that the point guard suffered a Grade 3 sprain to his right ring finger against the Warriors on Christmas. The Athletic first reported that Rondo is expected to have surgery again after having the third metacarpal repaired in his hand back in November.
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October 27, 2020 | 9:56 am EDT Update
There is also a question of how management will handle things if Antetokounmpo turns down the Designated Veteran extension, whatever the rationale. It appears they intend to keep him around no matter what, and that is the best approach considering there is almost no chance the Bucks recoup equal value in a trade and he could easily commit next offseason on the same terms or a shorter contract. While not signing an extension would send shockwaves through the league and get rival general managers and fans salivating, it is absolutely possible, if not probable, that the 25-year old stays in Milwaukee beyond the coming season.
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Luxury Tax: While last season was far more pressing with so many important players hitting free agency, Bucks ownership has another opportunity to prove it is willing to spend. Doing so would also make a material difference because Milwaukee is only about $11 million below the tax line, assuming Robin Lopez picks up his $5 million player option. If the tax is a hard line, Horst will have to figure out how to retain Matthews and whichever free agents the Bucks want back while ideally using the Mid-Level exception to add depth and also fill out the roster. One key indicator will be what happens with Ersan Ilyasova because the veteran has a $7 million salary that does not guarantee until shortly after the 2020 Draft.
When you talk to NBA teams, what do you tell them about your game and how you can contribute? Saddiq Bey: I just talk about the versatility in my game, being able to the complete package and be versatile on both ends. I can play every position on defense. That’s what I’m able to hang my hat on. I can be versatile on offense, too, being able to help as a playmaker and scorer at all three levels. I can make an impact right away. The reason why I work on every part of my game each summer is for a team to think that whatever they need, they would be comfortable with me doing it. I’ll always and purposely work on everything so whatever the team needs me to do, whatever role I need to play, I’ll be ready for it. Whatever the coach and the organization needs me to do, I’ll be ready for it.
You mentioned Jay Wright, who is one of the most respected college coaches in the country. What do you think he did to help make you NBA-ready? Saddiq Bey: He really emphasizes skill development and being a complete player, from our point guards to our big men. He has our point guards going into the paint and the post and back their men down. He has our big men play off the dribble. He taught everybody to not be type-casted by our position. He has been great at that. He stresses playing hard, too, and being coachable and also be the best man you can be off the court. That is what he does really well. He focuses on the details. It was an honor and a blessing to be able to play for him.
Are there any particular topics from your studies that stood out to you and interested you? Saddiq Bey: That’s a great topic. We learned in philosophy at Villanova. It’s just about man’s reality and what we see and the sun is supposed to represent knowledge and stuff like that. But in the caves, there were cave dwellers that were chained and they were facing toward a wall so they couldn’t see behind them. All they could see what was in front of them. So it kind of symbolizes what their perspective was in life: whatever was in front of them was all they could see. All they could see was shadows behind, they couldn’t see what was outside the cave, which was enlightenment. The people that were able to get out of the cave, they were able to see the full enlightenment, basically, God.
The words carried significance for reasons beyond Shaquille O’Neal’s stature as a former NBA star as well as a Black man. O’Neal’s perspective on how police and local communities can improve relationships also stems from growing up in a law enforcement family. “There definitely needs to be reform – reforming some of the laws, reforming some of the tactics and reforming policing itself,” O’Neal told USA TODAY Sports. “Once you recognize the change and put people in place that can make those changes, it could be a whole different world. I don’t think what happened in the 1960’s is going to fly with the youngsters these days. So sometimes you have to use a little bit of police reform.”
In Washington DC, Pepsi and the Wizards plan to refurbish basketball facilities at the Navy Yard as well as work with local artists to paint murals on some of the courts. In Memphis, Pepsi, the Grizzlies Foundation and local HBCUs will oversee an eight-week mentorship program that will pair college students with high schoolers. Those partners plan to give participating college students paid internships. “I don’t want to answer that like I have all the answers. But I know that in the communities where I live at where Pepsi and myself are doing, it’ll help,” O’Neal said. “It’s not the all-in, all cure. But it’s helping. Before you build a high rise, you got to build a foundation. You got to build the first floor and the second floor. So this is going to take time. But with what Pepsi and I do, hopefully this is a blueprint for other big Fortune 500 companies to follow.”