NBA Rumor: Raptors to Nashville?

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The Raptors would cover the expenses of having home games at the arena, the source said, but there probably would be little money to be made otherwise. Still, any occupants would provide the arena’s employees and vendors an opportunity to do business. Should fans be allowed, a little more money could be made. The NHL is hopeful it can begin its season Jan. 1. It is not yet known whether teams will play in home arenas, but it seems likely should the season begin, the source said.
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January 23, 2021 | 6:16 am EST Update
“We’ll try to play 10 guys at least, share the minutes around,” coach Steve Nash said. “Obviously, like I said before last game, it’s hard to contain [minutes] sometimes when you’re in close games. But we’ll do our best, and also try to lean on developing a second unit. “There’s a couple positives to trying to play more guys, go deeper in the rotation, limit or share or spread around the minutes of our big three; Kyrie [Irving] and James. We’ll try to be as cautious as possible. But you know my take on that. Whenever you’re trying to be cautious, it always ends up being impossible.”