NBA Rumor: Ronnie Price Free Agency

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Price played a career-low 14 games. And while he recognizes “Father Time is definitely creeping up on you,” Price believes he’s found the Fountain of Youth “You keep your body fresh, keep your mind fresh and you can play a long time in this league,” he said. It’s how Price has survived 12 NBA seasons, including three different stints with the Suns. “I’ll work my butt off this summer and I’ll be physically in the position to prove to whoever or wherever the situation I may be in that I can still help out. Hopefully, it’s here,” he said.

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Suns interim head coach Earl Watson said Price is a future coach, in a similar mold to Watson after a 13-year career as a backup point guard. But because of injuries on the Lakers and Suns, Price has started nearly as many games (31) in the past two seasons as he started in his first nine season (39). Ronnie Price and the Suns talk like he is a part of their future, even though he is on a one-year contract this season. “Ronnie is the ultimate pro,” Earl Watson said. “He’s the type of guy you always want on your team because he’s going to lift up the locker room, make guys practice and play hard and he’s a future coach. It’s great for the young guys to see a veteran with everything he’s fought in his career to continue to fight and get better late in his career.”
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September 24, 2021 | 5:26 am EDT Update

Kristaps Porzingis wanted to be traded at the end of last season?

Kristaps Porzingis is entering his third full season with the Dallas Mavericks and is hoping for a fresh start under Jason Kidd after the team parted ways with Rick Carlisle. “I’ll say this: at the end of last year Porzingis wanted to be traded,” said Tim MacMahon on The Hoop Collective Podcast. “My understanding is he feels like he has a fresh start with the coaching change. He’s had the healthy offseason. He’s been able to work, not just on his game but on his body some more. That he’s coming back with a refreshed feel. “At the end of last year, he wasn’t going to come out and ask for a trade. He’s smart enough to understand the optics.”
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Rob Pelinka: 'We made an aggressive attempt to re-sign Alex Caruso'

The team themselves have never addressed those reports, but during his customary preseason media availability, Lakers general manager Rob Pelinka did push back on the sentiment of them nonetheless, disputing the premise of a question about whether keeping Talen Horton-Tucker or Caruso was “an either/or decision” for the team. “We made an aggressive attempt to re-sign Alex Caruso, and we made an aggressive attempt to keep Talen,” Pelinka said on Thursday. “That’s the thing with unrestricted free agency is that you can be in the mix, but players control the ultimate choice.”
“Alex was tremendous here as a championship player, and we’ll be forever grateful for his contributions and his growth,” Pelinka said. “Seeing him go from a G Leaguer, to a two-way (player), to an elite player was something we’ll always be proud of. But he had choices and he chose another team. We pursued him and wanted to keep him, same with Talen, and obviously came to a deal with Talen, and Alex moved on.”