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Rudy Gobert: I want to win with Donovan Mitchell

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Rudy Gobert: I wanted to be selected in the young professional basketball academy in France, and I got rejected when I was 16. I wasn’t even part of the (under-16) French national team. Then when I got drafted 27th, and my first year I wasn’t playing, I went to the G League. Just all the struggles. Looking back, I think that’s what made me, and that’s what defines me. And this is just the story of my life. I always had to work harder than everyone and keep my head down.

Rudy Gobert: There’s never been pressure regarding the money. I always put pressure on myself to be the best I can be every single time I step on the court. And that’s really what drives me is to be able to look back at the end of my career, and not look at how much money I made, but look at the journey and what I was able to accomplish, and the lives I was able to impact in a good way. That’s all that matters to me, and that’s what drives me to be the best I can be every single day. Obviously, it’s a great achievement. But it just motivates me to take it to the next level even more, work even harder, and also to prove to all the people that always have something to say that it’s only the beginning.

In truth, the Jazz and Gobert were on the same page. The Jazz wanted Gobert to be with the franchise long term. Gobert wanted to be with the Jazz long term. He built a house in Utah. Much like his co-star Donovan Mitchell, he’s invested in the community. And he’s a loyal guy. How many Jazz fans remember his famous social media video when Gordon Hayward left the franchise for the Boston Celtics? Gobert has always spoken of being loyal to the Jazz and finding his way to a championship with this team. In that sense, it was just a matter of Gobert and the Jazz finding a number that worked for both sides.

“For me, my goal is to always win a championship,” said Gobert, who has a player option for the fifth season of the deal. “When we spoke with my agent before the negotiations started, I decided that I didn’t want to ask for the supermax. We didn’t want to start the negotiations by asking for the supermax. For me, it was important to show to the organization and show to the team that it wasn’t about money. It was about continuing to build what we’ve been building and also give this team and give myself the stability and the peace of mind to not have to deal with the negotiations later.

Rudy Gobert has not asked for the full supermax

The Rudy Gobert contract extension situation took another interesting turn today, with a new report of negotiation details. On today’s episode of ESPN Podcast Brian Windhorst & The Hoop Collective Tim MacMahon reported that Rudy Gobert did NOT ask the Jazz for a supermax extension. “I don’t have precise contract figures. I have been told that he did not ask for the full supermax, I know there has been some reporting in Utah that he did, I’ve been told that is not true.”

But, even with all of that on the table and the future so undecided, Gobert said his goals have not changed since the day he joined the Utah Jazz in 2013. “My goal is to win a championship here,” he said on Tuesday. “It’s been my goal since I got here and it’s still the same. I’m focused on the upcoming season and I’m excited. About the negotiation talk, that’s why I have an agent. So I can focus on basketball and let him take care of that.”

Tim Bontemps: What happens with Rudy Gobert in Utah. It has been a good offseason for the Jazz, between reaching a deal with Jordan Clarkson, bringing back old friend Derrick Favors and securing Donovan Mitchell with a max contract extension. But with Gobert one year from unrestricted free agency, the final piece of Utah’s offseason will be trying to get Gobert signed to a contract extension to keep him with the franchise long-term. If they can’t reach an agreement, Gobert will become an intriguing trade target.

Rudy Gobert: 4 more years! Love the organization, the fans and of course living in Utah! I’m very excited about the team we are building and truly believe that we will accomplish great things in the near future. #takenote

4 years ago via ESPN

Most league insiders agree that Utah Jazz center Rudy Gobert remains the most likely candidate, of the 2013 first-rounders still on the board, to land an extension by month’s end. The French Rejection — or Stifle Tower, if you insist — is one of the foremost draft steals of recent vintage, ranks as a leading NBA Defensive Player of the Year favorite and stands as a key figure in Utah’s rise in the West. Rest assured, Jazz officials are well aware that securing the long-term futures of Gobert and Derrick Favors can only enhance their chances of avoiding the nightmare scenario of seeing free agent-to-be Gordon Hayward leave in the summer.
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January 26, 2021 | 2:01 am EST Update

Nets hoping for Andre Drummond buyout?

Meanwhile, Kevin O’Connor of The Ringer reported on a podcast with Andrew Yang, the former presidential candidate, that the Nets have their eyes on Drummond who’s playing on an expiring $28.7 million contract. ”People around the league say the Nets are hoping that Andre Drummond, the Cavs center, gets bought out. That’s what people say they’re hoping for but that’s unlikely because Cleveland is still in it,” referring to the playoff hunt.
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John Wall: 'They thought I was done'

“I just wish I would have known up front and not have to beat around the bush to figure things out. That’s just my motivation there. They thought I was done. Basically, that’s how I feel. This is my opportunity to show them that I’m not done. But the most important thing for me is get the win. I don’t care how many numbers I have, it’s about getting the win. That’s the most important thing because if I get 40 and then we lose, the trade don’t look as bad from their aspect because they beat us that one game they did play us. So, my ultimate goal is to try to get a win for my team tomorrow.”
Well, that’s going to be hard to imagine once you hear his extended thoughts on playing the Wizards on Tuesday, which he shared with NBC Sports Washington’s Chris Miller. Now with the Rockets, Wall admitted facing the Wizards is personal after how his exit was handled, and that he is out for revenge. “Just seeing everybody that’s over there, a lot of people that’s on that side that probably didn’t believe I could come back to be the person I am. And probably some people that had a little say so into me being traded,” Wall told Miller. “I feel like it was a whole process and it wasn’t just something that happened overnight. I think this was in the works. That’s my motivation. Who wouldn’t want to beat the team that traded them and felt like I was done?”
“Most importantly, all I really wanted from the start of all of it was just to be told the truth. That’s the most important thing and what made it so hard for me to understand what was going on because I wasn’t told the truth. I understand it’s a business and things go on and people move on and you get traded, organizations in different ways. When I heard the rumors, I called and asked are these true or are these something not to worry about? From that day forward, all I heard was ‘no, those rumors aren’t true, don’t worry about it.’ In all reality, it was true,” Wall said.