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Tim Bontemps: What happens with Rudy Gobert in Utah. It has been a good offseason for the Jazz, between reaching a deal with Jordan Clarkson, bringing back old friend Derrick Favors and securing Donovan Mitchell with a max contract extension. But with Gobert one year from unrestricted free agency, the final piece of Utah’s offseason will be trying to get Gobert signed to a contract extension to keep him with the franchise long-term. If they can’t reach an agreement, Gobert will become an intriguing trade target.

Not only did they make it through being at the center of the COVID-19 chaos, but they brushed off rumors that they wouldn’t be able to repair their working relationship, proved wrong those who doubted they would be able to play together and in some ways became even better players. “It’s really, really hard to get core franchise-level talent in any market, big or small, but it’s exponentially hard to get that level of talent that has a high level of character and competitiveness,” Jazz executive vice president of basketball operations Dennis Lindsey said earlier this week. “As I’ve mentioned before, we’re working to add players of Rudy and Donovan’s physical talent and competitive makeup and so by definition we’re going to want to keep those type of players moving forward.”

But the dynamics surrounding that situation were very challenging for all involved, with Gobert’s and Mitchell’s relationship extremely strained as a result and executives all around the league wondering if it might lead to a break-up of some sort down the line. (Gobert, for the record, is owed $26.5 million on the final season of his deal in 2020-21.) What happens next will certainly play a part here when it comes to these uncertainties about the Jazz’s future.

The lower-level Eastern Conference talent evaluator suggested that if the Utah Jazz are forced to deal center Rudy Gobert, the Warriors might reconsider the idea of standing pat. The Athletic reported that Jazz star Donovan Mitchell’s relationship with Gobert is not “salvageable” after the two tested positive for the coronavirus. Gobert was caught on video mocking protocol by touching all of the reporters’ tape recorders at a press conference before the test results were reported.

The one guy I would go crazy targeting if I were the Nets is Rudy Gobert, especially with all the assorted whispers out there that he and Donovan Mitchell aren’t feeling each other. Gobert can be a free agent after the 2021 season if he doesn’t sign an extension with the Jazz. Presumably the Nets would need to put a pile of assets on the table to get interest from Utah — Dinwiddie, LeVert, picks, etc. would all need to be on the table. But man, he’d be a pretty amazing third pillar for this franchise.

Schiffer: Gobert fits a lot of their needs, especially defensively and would make for an interesting addition. I could see the Nets sending Allen to Utah if a trade were to take place between those two teams. To me, Allen’s future with the organization has gotten really interesting in light of Atkinson’s departure, which was tied to Jordan coming off the bench. Allen is eligible for an extension this summer and I think it would hurt the Nets if they don’t keep him, unless they make a trade for a player such as Gobert. What do you think of his situation in light of recent developments?

Are there any thoughts about trading RJ and first-round draft picks to bring Donovan Mitchell to NY? — Dimos Kyrkopoylos. If Mitchell is placed on the trade block, Rose will be the first to know. Rose recruited Mitchell to CAA before the 20017 draft, though Ty Sullivan became Mitchell’s primary agent. A late lottery pick, Mitchell became an All-Star for the first time in February. Rose would love to have the Westchester product in the Knicks’ backcourt. But after an initial report the relationship between Mitchell and Jazz teammate Rudy Gobert could be “unsalvageable” because of Gobert’s sloppy behavior before the COVID-19 shutdown, steps have been taken to make peace. For now.
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“As the league evolves, you have to be able to evolve with it if you wanna be able to keep up with the times, keep up with the Joneses, or the Jameses in my case,” James said, laughing. “For me, [it’s] just never putting a cap on myself. I just want to always continue to get better and do things out on the floor that maybe hasn’t been done in other people’s careers and continue to push the envelope and see how much juice I can squeeze out of the lemon.”