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Booker told azcentral sports Friday that he’s less concerned with whom the Suns hire than he is the future makeup of the roster. “I’ve had three coaches since I’ve been here and I’ve never blamed anything on one of the coaches as an individual,” Booker said. “I’ve had great relationships with all the coaches. I think the NBA just overall, when you need somebody to blame the first person that you go to is the coach. But at the end of the day you need the right players that match each other. Not just the best players. Chemistry helps. “I just don’t think a lot of responsibility is with the coaches. It’s a players’ league.”
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The Phoenix Suns are beginning their search for a new head coach now, a process that will include interim coach Jay Triano, general manager Ryan McDonough told ESPN. In a coaching market that could be expansive with openings this spring, the Suns want to get a start on connecting with available candidates now and leap into the rest of the coaching market in mid-April when the regular season ends, McDonough said.

“Coach Triano will be part of the process,” McDonough said. “His interview will be a little different than the rest of the candidates, given that we like him and we’ve worked with him for two years now. It’s important to keep in mind he was not our head coach through the offseason so part of his interview would be, ‘If he was hired as the permanent head coach of the Suns, what would he do the same or what he would do differently? What support can we give him organizationally? What would his staff look like?’ I think all of that needs to be discussed.”
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April 21, 2018 | 5:23 am EDT Update
Marcin Gortat said Markieff Morris brought clippers to each practice and pestered him to shave the Mohawk. Realizing the amount of effort that went into Mohawk maintainence, Gortat finally gave in. The results: 16 points (8-10) and 5 rebounds.

“He was a professional tonight,” Bucks guard Khris Middleton said. “He’s had a rough start to the series. But we’ve all talked to him. We know that we need him (and) try to let him know that we need him. “It starts with him. Within. His mind has to be right when he checks into the game. It’s not just about scoring. It’s not about him. It’s about the team. We need him to be part of the team for him to be successful and for him to be successful.