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Kevin Love calls out Team USA: 'People threw me under the bus'

Those were harsh words from Colangelo and went viral at the time. It wouldn’t be until a year later when the Cavs star would finally respond. On Friday evening, Love looked back at those comments and revealed his true feelings on what went down that summer: “People that I’ve had relationships with throughout USA basketball for that long, threw me under the bus. And I didn’t like that,” Love said. “I felt that I did the right thing by coming to the landing spot and landing point that I eventually got to. I just thought it was very unfair and coming from this elite fraternity that we have in our 450 players. You would think, like, you take care of each other.”

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Bleacher Report: “People that I’ve had relationships with throughout USA basketball for that long, threw me under the bus.” @kevinlove reflects on Jerry Colangelo and withdrawing from Team USA

Fomer Bulls coach Jim Boylen, I’m told, is indeed locked in to coach USAB’s World Cup qualifying team in its next two games in February after going 1-1 last month against Cuba and Mexico. Boylen might well end up coaching the qualifying team in all six two-game windows it must complete through February 2023 to secure a spot in the 32-nation field for the 2023 Worlds in the Philippines, Japan and Indonesia, but that will depend to an extent on Boylen’s NBA future and whether he returns to the league after this season.

The biggest bump in Bradley Beal’s contributions to the Wizards this season may not come from any on-court improvements. After all, there isn’t much in his game to improve. Instead, the recognition of a growingly necessary offseason trend could be what helps Beal, and the Wizards, the most in the long run: recruiting. “In order to win and compete, you got to pick up that phone. I learned that on Team USA, honestly,” Beal said in a conversation with NBC Sports Washington Wizards Insider Chris Miller. “I couldn’t breathe. I couldn’t breathe without someone asking me what I wanted to do this summer. Would I play with that person.”

When drawing from his time in Las Vegas with the loaded cast of NBA stars on the national team, Beal’s biggest takeaway seemingly was how willing his fellow stars were to ask for help. “So that was really eye-opening in a lot of ways. Can I get that done here? Can I bring somebody down here?” Beal told Miller. “What we have, it’s a great city, it’s a sports town. Basketball is the only team that needs to win… You got to pick up the phone, I would say for the first time in my career, I was using those [phone] minutes.”

Mark Tatum: The world is getting better and that makes basketball a more attractive game

The U.S. men’s national basketball team got a reality check on the road to Olympic gold this week, losing two consecutive exhibition games against Nigeria and Australia. But for Mark Tatum, the deputy commissioner and chief operating officer of the NBA, those defeats marked a victory of sorts, in the league’s decades long quest to internationalize the game of basketball. “The world is getting better, and I think that makes basketball a much more attractive game for the world to follow,” Tatum said, in an interview on Yahoo Finance Live. “We’re happy to see that level of competition continue to grow and grow.”
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