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Clippers interested in Terry Rozier

The Clippers have some big decisions to make, with several key free agents including Harrell, Marcus Morris and JaMychal Green. L.A. tinkered with its roster on draft night, flipping Landry Shamet as part of a package that brought back Luke Kennard, but the Clippers remain determined to add another guard, per league sources. Rajon Rondo is on L.A.’s radar, though Rondo could command a larger salary than the capped out Clippers can afford. L.A. has also explored a deal for Charlotte’s Terry Rozier, per league source. Still, as ugly as the Clippers finish to last season was, there remains a possibility that the Clips could run back largely the same team has last season.

Knicks were interested in trading for Terry Rozier

Prior to the 2020 trade deadline, the Knicks had strong interest in acquiring a few guards. We know they engaged with Golden State on D’Angelo Russell — both before and after the news of Rose’s hire was reported. But prior to the news of the Rose hire, there was strong support in some corners of the organization to try and acquire Charlotte guard Terry Rozier, per sources. The framework of one deal that had internal support sent Julius Randle, Smith Jr. and a future first-round pick to Charlotte for a package that included Rozier and Malik Monk, per sources.

One general manager who had interest in Terry Rozier was rebuffed by the C’s, though there’s room to question what his team was willing to offer for a player headed toward restricted free agency this summer. “You’d think Boston would be willing to move one or two younger guys and get more experienced,” said one exec. “But it’s hard to get away from young guys on good contracts when you already have [Kyrie] Irving, [Gordon] Hayward and [Al] Horford on big deals.”

When he was finally asked about the tweet, Rozier laughed and responded, “Wasn’t talking about y’all. I got a life outside of basketball… I knew that was a warmup question to get to that. You know I got love for y’all, I got love for the fans,” said Rozier. “It wasn’t nothing on that. We gone look to come out and play better tomorrow. Make sure everybody happy (laughs). … Coming to a place like this, this type of organization, with the diehard fans, that’s just what it is. … At the end of the day, the fans going to ride for us, they got our backs. You got some people that think they’re GMs, but that’s fine. It’s a hit or miss with it. I’m happy to be here.”

Terry Rozier trade unlikely

Meanwhile, the Celtics as a team and Rozier have stumbled at times over the course of a 6-4 start, with Rozier playing to his usual skillset from both a positive and negative standpoint. Great rebounding, a low turnover rate, solid 3-point shooting are the plusses. Lackluster finishing at the rim (32 percent on 2-point field goals) and a low assist rate remain the main negatives of his game. With seemingly too many mouths to feed on the Celtics bench, Rozier, on the surface, would appear to be a trade candidate if Danny Ainge wanted to shake things up. However, a league source tells that a trade of Rozier during the season is extremely unlikely. A closer look at the factors in play make it easy to see why.

The Celtics have one of the NBA’s better backcourts, a nice blend of offense (Isaiah Thomas), defense (Marcus Smart, Terry Rozier) and a burgeoning star capable of both (Avery Bradley). It’s also one of the league’s most affordable, with Bradley ($8.3 million) and Thomas ($6.6 million) making well below market value, and Smart and Rozier on rookie deals. That will change soon. Smart is eligible for an extension in 2017. A $10 million-plus offer will be the starting point of negotiations. Thomas and Bradley will be free agents in 2018, eligible for max salaries of $32.4 million per season. Neither will likely come near that, but understand: This is the ballpark Boston is playing in. The Celtics won’t pay all of them. They can’t pay all of them, not if they want to continue to pursue another impact player. If the Celtics make a significant trade, it will undoubtedly include one or more of their star guards.

During a recent sitdown with WBZ-TV, Ainge pointed to some of Boston’s youngest players while discussing the sort of talent that could blossom with bigger roles. “I really believe it’s an opportunity league. There are many players that are sitting on benches on other teams that are stacked with talent that just don’t get an opportunity. We have some on our team,” Ainge said on “Sports Final.” “We think [2015 second-round pick] Jordan Mickey has a bright future and [2015 first-round pick] Terry Rozier has a bright future and we’ve gotten calls from other teams about them that say, ‘Those guys aren’t getting an opportunity in Boston, we want to get those guys to come play for us.’ But we’re going to try to be patient with them as well, and other young guys.”
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