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But all the while, Winter was refining his legacy — the triangle offense, a scheme emphasizing ball movement and teamwork that he taught to Phil Jackson as his mentor and assistant coach on nine N.B.A. championship teams with the Chicago Bulls and the Los Angeles Lakers. “I wasn’t a very good coach and didn’t have a lot of knowledge, and he had a lot of knowledge,” Jackson once said in reflecting on Winter’s advice during Jackson’s early years with the Bulls. “He’s like the mind of the basketball gods.”
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June 19, 2019 | 6:48 pm EDT Update
On Wednesday, Fox Sports 1 host Skip Bayless repeated a false claim tweeted by a parody account stating that NBA star James Harden stormed out of several Houston Rockets practices in tears after his teammate Chris Paul mocked his “manboobs.” With Harden and Paul’s “unsalvageable” relationship being the focus of sports media this week, a parody Twitter account posing as ESPN’s top NBA reporter Adrian Wojnarowski wrote that sources say Paul had insulted Harden’s figure.
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