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March 26, 2019 | 4:07 pm EDT Update
Vincent Poirier: “I still have a contract for next year with Vitoria, which doesn’t include a EuroLeague buy out clause. That’s why it depends on the club. For the NBA, I don’t know. Like every year, I am waiting for the season to end, to perform my best and we will see what may come. I know that there are clubs which are interested in me, both from the EuroLeague and the NBA. So we will have to wait for the summer and I will make the best possible choice.”
Saunders and Cassell spent time in Washington as assistants under Flip Saunders with the Wizards. Both spent 2009-14 there and Saunders had learned plenty from his father, but he learned a lot from Cassell, a former player in the league about how to go about a full season as an assistant coach. “We talk all the time,” Saunders said. “ . . . Sam’s somebody that I was with in Washington when we were both assistants. First coming into the league, he helped me a lot in terms of showing how someone with a player perspective, how to communicate and how players will respond and how it can be during the dog days of a season. I give Sam a lot of credit for me and my growth.”