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Second, the class is actually seen as relatively deep, with potentially strong role players having a real chance to sit around until midway through the second round. Why is that a problem? Because of the pandemic and the new economic reality for NBA teams, sources around the league think it’s likely that teams will try to utilize two-way contracts and stashes earlier in this draft than in recent years. Will players who think they are good enough to make teams out of training camp — and I do believe that there are a lot of them who should feel that way in this class — be willing to take two-ways? Or will some players choose to go undrafted — like Lu Dort and Terence Davis last season — in order to get to choose their spot and try to set themselves up for a bigger payday sooner?

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October 22, 2020 | 9:31 pm EDT Update
Danny Green is promoting an initiative he joined between the NBA players’ union and the company Dove. The initiative seeks to change the way Black men are represented in advertising and other forms of media as well as show support for policies that promote public safety and voting rights. One piece of legislation for which they advocate is the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act, a comprehensive police reform legislation that was passed by the U.S. House of Representatives in June and is headed to the Senate.
Green sees changing stereotypes about Black men as an important step toward that. “There’s a reason why certain stereotypes become certain stereotypes,” Green said. “Because you hear it over and over. You used to hear it over and over. If we start a new stereotype or a new mantra or a new M.O. for certain types of people, if we keep saying it over and over it’ll become the new norm for us. We’re not as harmful or as violent as people make us seem to be, people will respect us more, support us more.”
Earlier this week, basketball legend Michael Jordan officially opened his second medical clinic in North Carolina. Novant Health debuted its latest facility on Monday, one year after opening the first Novant Health Michael Jordan Family Medical Clinic. Both facilities were designed to serve underprivileged communities in the Charlotte area. They provide physical, dental, and behavioral health services to those who may not have access to health insurance.
“When you have great teammates, when you have a great teammate next to you, you are willing to take on any challenges and you feel like you can win any game. So you guys are my Scottie Pippen,” Jordan said to Novant Health leadership following the second clinic’s opening. “We’re going to keep winning, we’re going to keep winning, and we’re going to keep winning. Just let me know, and keep me informed.”
October 22, 2020 | 9:07 pm EDT Update
Now that he’s won a third NBA championship — and second straight — Lakers forward Danny Green is turning his attention to the next generation of basketball stars. Green and Gold Level Sports & Entertainment are sponsoring The Battle Basketball Showcase on November 20th & 21st at the Allen Event Center in Dallas. The Battle high school basketball showcase will feature six elite high school teams with their respective nationally ranked players competing head-to-head.