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Free agent guard Ty Lawson has not signed with any team in China, agent Larry Fox confirms to HoopsHype. “Several teams have expressed interest in Ty from China and there have been discussions and Ty has expressed mutual interest,” Fox said. “In addition, several NBA teams are interested in Ty, Ty is weighing his options and no decision has yet been made.”

What do you say to prospective teams when they ask you about your alcohol problems? Ty Lawson: Things happened in the media because I drank and drove. But I’m not a person out here like everyone thinks that I’m drunk all day. No, I don’t do that. A lot of my friends, we go out and celebrate. But I’m not that person in the morning getting drunk before practice. I think there is a big misconception about what everybody thinks. That’s what I basically tell them. I keep it honest.
5 years ago via SLAM

SLAM: It’s easy to write a guy off when there is a personal issue or production slips. What needs to happen for the League to see that Ty Lawson we came to know and love in Denver? Ty Lawson: Man, I just need an opportunity. That’s all. I just need a team to believe in me and see my strengths because I do feel like people have written me off some. To see everyone talking about Mike Conley is the only top point guard of this free agency…I don’t know, but it feels like a slap in the face and is motivating me. I just need the opportunity to get back to playing my style. I feel like I will show anyone that I’m still that same player who played so well in Denver. You can forget what you knew and everything that you read about me last year because this year, it’s a new Ty Lawson.
5 years ago via SLAM

SLAM: Are you open to any new system or do you want to get back to one that best utilizes your strengths and skill sets? Ty Lawson: I would definitely prefer an uptempo style of offense, fast paced, but just learning from my situation last year has been key for me. I’ve been working hard on my spot-up jumpers, creating my shots off one-on-ones plus in the half court offense; coming off pick and rolls and just things like that. An uptempo style is what I’m more comfortable with, but this summer is all about working on different half-court sets as well and playing more off the ball because I guess that’s where the NBA is going now. The NBA is not just one person handling the ball the majority of the time now, so I’ve just been working on a lot of game-type situations where I’m off the ball, but an uptempo style would suit me great.
5 years ago via SLAM

SLAM: Can you just summarize what last season was like for you? Ty Lawson: It was tough. Going into the season with Houston, we thought we were going to be one of the top teams and a title contender. I guess it just wasn’t a good fit on all ends. From not having the ball in my hands to everything that was going down in Houston, it just wasn’t a good fit. It was tough going from starting and playing well to coming off the bench, then not playing and going through every process that there is in the NBA in one season. Being waived, to going to another team and then having to go out there and get used to everyone so quickly. It was a tough situation but this season I’m just ready to come in, go to work, remain focused and go hard.

Knicks not interested in Lin, Lawson

It’s not a strong crop of free-agent point guards, with Memphis’ Mike Conley leading the top tier. Resurgent Rajon Rondo, Carmelo Anthony’s choice, is next, but some in the organization believe he hangs onto the ball too much. Brandon Jennings, D.J. Augustin, Ty Lawson, Jeremy Lin, Miami’s unsung Tyler Johnson, Aaron Brooks and Mario Chalmers are also free agents. Sources have indicated the Knicks consider Lawson’s off-court issues too big a risk and Lin’s defense too gaping.

Pacers add Ty Lawson

The Indiana Pacers announced Monday they have signed point guard Ty Lawson. Per team policy, terms of the contract were not announced. Lawson, 5-11, 195-pounds is in his seventh year in the NBA. He played his first six seasons with Denver before Houston acquired him last summer. He averaged 5.8 points per game and 3.4 assists with the Rockets in 53 games this season before the Rockets waived him last week. For his career, Lawson has averaged 13.3 points and 5.8 assists per game. Lawson, who played collegiately at North Carolina, was a first-round pick (18th overall) in the 2009 NBA Draft.
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