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Here is a case where we thought the Rockets would make changes, but they didn’t. Make no mistake, the desire to trade players remains despite the improved record. The Rockets talked to teams about trades regarding forward Terrence Jones and Brewer. Lawson’s reps sought more playing time elsewhere and there was a report Howard wanted out, something he disputed. When the Rockets signed second-round pick Montrezl Harrell to a three-year, $3.1 million deal during the summer, it used a portion of the non-taxpayer mid-level exception, pushing them to the apron level of a hard salary cap of $88.7 million. Morey is limited in what he can do because he can’t take on a huge salary for this season with the hard cap.

No market for Ty Lawson?

Now, the Rockets are contemplating their next move — and it could involve trying to accommodate a desire on the part of Lawson and his agents to find a trade partner for him. Easier said than done. Even the Rockets, who have a long track record of expertly drumming up leverage in seemingly desperate trade scenarios, will struggle to find Lawson a new home. The trade market for him is minimal, league sources tell CBS Sports, and the best move for Houston might be to hold onto him.

Well, there is a team not coached by Lawson’s former cheerleader, George Karl, that clearly and desperately needs a veteran point guard: the woeful Philadelphia 76ers. Before Jerry Colangelo came aboard, you know the Sixers would’ve been sniffing around in an effort to collect a few more future picks for the trouble of taking on Lawson — which is likely what it’s going to take for Houston to rid themselves of him. “But not now,” another Eastern Conference executive said. The dynamics have changed in Philly, and they’ve changed for the Rockets, too. Just seven months after losing to the eventual champion Warriors in the conference finals, the Rockets — 11-7 under interim coach J.B. Bickerstaff — have set their sights on simply making the playoffs.

As the Rockets search for ways to change, there is a belief that Lawson could be the first Rocket player moved. But given how poorly Lawson has played in Houston and his troublesome off-the-court history, it’s hard to imagine that Lawson alone is going to yield much in return. But as teams start to get desperate, Lawson does have a career assist average of more than 6.5 assists per game and averaged 9.6 per game last season for the Nuggets. Lawson’s salary could return an asset or two and given the rut the Rockets find themselves in, they seem to be a bit more motivated to deal than normal.

“I was just talking to Ty earlier,” Connelly said after the Nuggets’ finale summer league game. “Ty’s going through a rough time right now and we’re all behind him. Ty’s a really good person. He’s a Nugget. “So when one of our guys goes through some issues we support him as a family, and we’re going to stand behind him. I don’t want to comment too much on what’s going on in his personal life, but when any of our guys has an issue we all have an issue. And we want to stand firmly behind him.”

Q: Do the Nuggets have to move on from Ty Lawson? Chauncey Billups: Yes. I think so. I mean, well, one, Ty, he has not demonstrated what you want from the leader of your team and a guy who they’ve handed the keys to. He’s not demonstrated the kind of leadership that you want. And you have a young kid named [Emmanuel] Mudiay coming in who I think has a chance to be a star in this league. Right now the best player on the team is Ty Lawson. As a young player in the league, you come in 19-20 years old, you oftentimes try to emulate some of the actions on the floor and off the floor of the best player because that’s one day what you want to be. So I think just from the standpoint of the welfare of Mudiay and the well-being and the growth of Mudiay, you have to get Ty Lawson and you have to move him along.

Q: What would you take for Ty? How desperate are you to make that move? Chauncey Billups: It’s tough. You know, I think he just needs a change of scenery. Obviously you gotta get proper value for him because he is still a very good player and I think in the right situation Ty can be good for somebody. But Ty can’t be the leader of your basketball team. I thought they knew that, but you find out how you find out. But I think you try your best to move him but you don’t want to get beat over the head for him. At the moment right now, he’s not giving everybody a good snapshot of what he is, with the immature things that he’s doing, whether it’s social media, the things that he’s saying. So you’re looking from the flips side and you’re saying, ‘Yeah, the guy’s a good player, but do I really want him on my team with all of that?’ You know what I mean? So it’s not just him as a player and what he can do. This is a guy that’s gonna come there, he’s not coming to be nobody’s backup. He’s a starter. He’s a good player. So it’s tough what he’s doing right now.

Ty Lawson to Sacramento?

The Denver Nuggets were rumored to have put Ty Lawson on the trading block and after they selected Emmanuel Mudiay with the No. 7 pick, it looked his time in Denver was coming to an end. Apparently even Lawson believes this, as he was caught on camera saying, “‘I’m going to Sacramento.” Either Lawson knows something that we don’t or he is under the influence of whatever he is smoking. However, if he reunites with Kings coach George Karl in Sacramento then Lawson may be able to see into the future.
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