NBA Rumor: Tyreke Evans Free Agency

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1. What we’ve seen with Tyreke Evans this season has been beyond disappointing. I think it is safe to say the likelihood of him returning in July is slim to none. Do you think his failures could deter other free agents from wanting to come to a place like Indiana? Scott Agness: 1. Nope. Don’t expect Tyreke back. That was a bad fit from the beginning. Both parties are trying to make it work and get through the season. I don’t think his case will impact future FAs at all.

Memphis keeping him indicates they plan to try to keep him this summer. He was brought in by coach Dave Fizdale, but he was fired early in the season after a clash with Marc Gasol. While Evans has continued to score well, it’s not clear where his future may lay. “Summertime, I just have to weigh my options. I’ve been through free agency before, so I know what to expect now,” Evans said. “Definitely want to talk to my family and my brothers, my agent. Hopefully, we’ll make the right choice.”

The Grizzlies ultimately chose not to trade Tyreke Evans last week because they valued the advantage keeping him now would give them in trying to sign him again this summer more than they valued the meager return Evans was fetching on the trade market. This clear intent to try to bring Evans back means that the Grizzlies think Evans would return to Memphis for the mid-level exception (north of $8.5 million), the maximum the team can offer. That would mean Evans not only choosing Memphis over other comparable offers, but, presumably, not getting offers this summer for more (or at least not substantially more).
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May 8, 2021 | 4:25 am EDT Update