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LeBron James: 'We live in two Americas'

James then stood up and left. He spoke for 11 minutes, only about the state of the world and nothing about the Lakers’ game. James was agitated and concerned about the state of the country. “We live in two Americas,” James said. “If you don’t understand that or see that after seeing what you saw yesterday, you really need to take a step back. Not even just one step. Maybe four or five or even ten steps backwards.”

As he watched the news on television, it did not just bother Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James that Donald Trump supporters rioted inside and outside the Capitol building. James was also upset by how law enforcement responded much differently to those rioters compared to the last summer’s Black Lives Matter protests. “I couldn’t help but to wonder if those were my kind storming the Capitol, what would’ve been the outcome? I think we all know,” James said following the Lakers’ loss to the San Antonio Spurs on Thursday. “It’s no ifs, ands or buts. We already know what would’ve happened to my kind if anyone had gotten close to the Capitol, let alone storm inside the offices and inside the hallways.”

James found parallels between the pro-Trump rioters and the KKK, which is considered a terrorist hate group. “The KKK and the rags over their faces, now they’re just hiding under certain other costumes,” James said. “They’re going under other costumes that you saw yesterday in the Capitol. You can’t sit here and say that those aren’t terrorists. We keep saying they aren’t protestors. They’re not protestors. What are they protesting? Knocking down walls, knocking down the gates of the nation’s Capitol?”

Forward Gordon Hayward, who poured in a career-high 44 points in helping Charlotte to a win over Atlanta, only became aware of the events after arriving at the arena in the event. With his normal pre-game routine keeping him away from the television and the news, Hayward took in as much as he could before tip-off. “It’s a bizarre world that we’re living in,” Hayward said. “I saw a little bit of it before the game and certainly it’s shocking and disappointing. “I think basketball is is a place where we can kind of get away from that a little bit and hopefully provide some hope and some joy for some fans. But certainly, it’s also just a game and there are a lot of bigger things that are going on out there in the world. After I kind of calm down in a little bit, I’ll be able to go and kind of see exactly what happened but like I said, I haven’t really had too much of a chance but certainly I’m disappointed.”

LeBron James on D.C. protests: Do you understand now?

“It was just a bizarre scene, but it was a pretty clear reminder that the truth matters,” Kerr said. “We’ve been talking about this for years. The truth matters in our country and anywhere and in any circumstance, because of the repercussions if we allow lies to spread and if we enable people in power to lie. All of a sudden you have millions of people who are doubting an election that was certified in every state. We had 7 or 8 million more people vote for Biden than for Trump. Every state has certified those results. Every court appeal has been turned down. A legitimate election is suddenly questioned by millions of people, including many of the people who are leading our country in government, because we’ve decided over the past few years to allow lies to be told.

However, not all in the basketball world are on one side and that goes for former players as well. One of them could be seen among the protesters as well. David Wood, who never hid his support of Trump, was present and even broadcasted the whole ordeal online. Wood, 56, played professionally for two decades including stints with nine NBA teams as well as several European clubs. Among them, mostly Spanish teams: Barça, Baskonia, Unicaja, Murcia, Gran Canaria, and Fuenlabrada.

“It’s very emotional,” Beal said. “It’s very disheartening in a lot of ways, because just the lack of sense of urgency there was to respond to what was going on versus protestors and Black Lives Matter over the summer. That was a direct standout from all over the world. Everybody addressed the same issue, I retweeted something Trump tweeted a few months ago, literally about the people who vandalize or disrespect any piece of federal property in Portland and around the U.S. Those people would face a minimum of 10 years in prison. So we’ll see if he has his foot in his mouth or that is something he really, truly stands for. Because of the people who were invading our capital … they invaded the capitol. It’s unheard of.

“Today started yesterday, when the Jacob Blake shooting was being justified, although I’m not sure there was a single human surprised at that finding,” Roberts told ESPN on Wednesday. “Every single player that contacted me — or that I contacted — saw the same connection to the Blake shooting being justified. We were watching these people essentially committing treason at the Capitol and I have yet to hear about a single shot being fired.”
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September 22, 2021 | 7:42 pm EDT Update