NBA Rumor: Zach LaVine Injury

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His legs were stronger from endless weight training he had done as part of his rehabilitation, but his body wasn’t right. He had put on weight, shooting past 210 and suddenly lugging nearly 15 more pounds than he was accustomed to carrying. And he didn’t trust any of it. Publicly, Zach LaVine maintained that his surgically repaired left knee was fine, and structurally it was. But deep down, he knew he something was off. He wouldn’t talk about it, rejecting rust or a lack of rhythm as factors to a so-so return to action. That was window dressing, a prideful athlete willing his mind to believe something his body wasn’t quite ready to do.

For Zach LaVine, it’s been a long, hard road to recovery. But nearly 21 months after suffering a career-altering injury, LaVine and those who know him best can finally say he’s back. Their hope, which is rooted in tireless and meticulous work, is that he’s also better than ever. “He just felt he was a shadow of himself last year, and the Bulls fans didn’t really get to see the true Zach LaVine coming off that injury,” said Tony Willis, a longtime family friend and trainer to LaVine. “So he’s super motivated to get back to where he was and to surpass that.”
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January 17, 2022 | 7:13 pm EST Update