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Aaron Goodwin Rumors

Abbott went through the details of the two’s public sparring on Twitter and the backlash he received before getting into the conversation with Lillard: “I published it and tweeted it, and then he like, retweeted it with the facepalm emoji, and then he talked to reporters and said that none of it was true. And then, I tweeted … after like a day of epic meltdown, everything in my mentions was a nightmare of people saying I’m a liar and making up stories, I’m bad at my job. And some of that just comes with the business. This was like a lot. I’ve been doing this for a long time. This was a lot. So, then I basically write what you just said Jarod. And then, Damian immediately replied to that saying he doesn’t lie. Then, he started direct messaging me and he’s in Tokyo at the Olympics, so we’re direct messaging, just like hammering away, trying to straighten it out. Then my phone rings and it’s Aaron Goodwin, who is Damian Lillard’s agent. I think I’ve known Aaron Goodwin longer than Damian has. Like, Aaron and I go way back. We’ve been through a lot of stuff, and I hold him in tremendously-high regards in a lot of ways.”
Storyline: Damian Lillard Trade?
The G League was already moving toward offering prospects a professional path before Abdur-Rahim took over in December 2018, hoping a $125,000 salary would be enough of a lure. It wasn’t. As Abdur-Rahim pushed the issue, basketball people he respected, including his friend and former agent Aaron Goodwin, convinced him the league needed to drastically increase the compensation and create a more refined program.
LeBron James is a player I have covered in several American cities and several major metropolitan cities around the world. I first met him at Chelsea Piers in Manhattan when he was getting ready to be the first overall pick of the 2003 NBA Draft, and I watched with his first agent, Aaron Goodwin, as James posed for the cameras at a photoshoot and appeared uncommonly comfortable in front of a camera for an 18-year-old. “See that watch he’s wearing? That’s a $100,000 watch,” Goodwin told me as we waited. I got to spend some alone time with him thanks to the efforts of former NBA PR executive Teri Washington, and I asked him why he seemed so comfortable in front of a camera. He told me he had only been frightened by cameras once, in his sophomore year of high school when one of his games for St. Vincent-St. Mary’s High School in Akron, OH was being televised for the first time.
Another twist: Goodwin once represented power forward Shareef Abdur-Rahim during his 11-year NBA career—-the same Abdur-Rahim who is now the president of the G League and the moving force behind the new NBA G League Select Team. Coincidence? “That’s not a coincidence. 100 percent not a coincidence. That’s how this works,” NBA agent Happy Walters tells TrueHoop. “Aaron Goodwin hasn’t had a young guy in ages. He doesn’t deal with young guys.”
Answers have not been overly forthcoming. But to that last point, Abdur-Rahim understands the appearance. “It’s all about relationships in our business. Aaron and I have a good relationship that dates back a long time,” Abdur-Rahim says. “But I can say that about a dozen agents that I’ve gotten to know during my time in this game.” At least one other agent is taking it in stride. “Rod and Shareef are good guys and want this to work well and I believe that it will be as good as it can be,” Walters said. “However, there will be some unintended consequences.”