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David Robinson: It’s one thing just to run your mouth, but a whole other thing to say I’m committed to this change. Seeing somebody like Colin Kaepernick put everything on the line for that, to me, that’s an important statement. That’s something that’s a very strong move. Other athletes have put a lot of their money and energy behind [specific issues] – LeBron James and education. There’s a lot of men and women who are out there putting their lives on the line for other people. I saw Naomi Osaka talk about giving her winnings in her next tournament to Haiti [following August’s devastating earthquake]. So, people are committing themselves to what’s happening in the world, and I think that that’s fantastic to use the platform that way.
August 2021 marked a year since the NBA Board of Governors launched the NBA Foundation, a charitable foundation aimed at creating greater, and sustainable, economic empowerment within the Black community, specifically focused on Black youth. Within that year the Foundation, in partnership with the NBPA, awarded 40 grants to non-profit organizations totalling $11 million, utilizing the collective $30 million NBA team owners have committed to donating annually, over the next ten years.