Activism Rumors

Steph Curry will auction off a pair of custom-designed sneakers to raise money for the families of the victims of last month’s Atlanta-area spa shootings. The Golden State Warriors star wore the yellow, white and black shoes in his side’s defeat to the Atlanta Hawks on Sunday to show solidarity with the Asian community which has faced an increase of hate crimes over the past year.
The shoes, designed in tandem with the Bruce Lee Foundation, included Bruce Lee’s painted face alongside his famous quote which reads: “Under the heavens, there is but one family.” “I think Stephen’s gesture is a beautiful example of allyship and solidarity in action,” said Shannon Lee, chairperson of the Bruce Lee Foundation board of directors. “I am honored he would choose my father and my family as the symbol for the idea that we are all one family, as my father said, and therefore must all stand for one another.”
Nick DePaula: Curry’s shoes feature a @BruceLee quote: “Under the heavens, there is but one family.” “We are all different & unique. On purpose. But, we are all human beings on a quest to fulfill our purpose and that energy should be used to uplift & love each other to the fullest,” he said.

For over the past year, NBA stars and coaches alike have spoken out on systemic racism and aligned with organizations that helped with voter turnout in marginalized communities. So unsurprisingly, a handful of NBA coaches applauded Major League Baseball for removing its All-Star game in Atlanta after Georgia passed voting bills that will disproportionately affect citizens of color. “It’s great that they’re bringing attention what is happening in Georgia,” Atlanta Hawks coach Nate McMillan said before Friday’s game against the New Orleans Pelicans. “I really don’t get it. Trying to find ways to keep people from having their right to vote.”
McMillan, who is one of the NBA’s seven Black head coaches, has been among the most outspoken coaches on systemic racism. “It really doesn’t make sense with some of the laws that have been passed in this country over the years with trying to keep a certain group of having their right and freedom to do certain things,” McMillan said. “You look at the gun laws and all you have to do is have a legal ID and no training. You have to have more training to get a driver’s license than to go get a weapon. It doesn’t make sense at all to me. I like what [MLB’s] doing. I think that’s the right thing to do with keeping attention on this because what is happening is not right.”