Adam Silver Rumors

Meanwhile, Adam Silver things that Paul is doing things just fine. Speaking on The Jump this week, the NBA commissioner said that the Klutch Sports head honcho is a perfect example of how someone outside of the normal college-to-agency path can succeed. Via The Jump: “I think Rich has more than demonstrated that he’s a professional negotiator, and that he’s a highly-trained and competent agent. I think the best way would be to say there are exceptions that can be made and he’s a perfect example of that.”
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“I didn’t even know all about Rich’s background until I read a long feature on him in Sports Illustrated recently. I knew a little bit about his background and how he met LeBron [James] and their other group that work together… but it’s a classic sort of American rags to riches story, in essence. What he’s overcome in his life — difficult circumstances — and be the success he is today demonstrates that there are other paths to success. A traditional one is through college, but certainly for the league, and I can’t speak for the NCAA, we want to ensure people from all walks of life can be successful in our system.”
They say never make a big decision on an empty stomach. Perhaps that should apply to sending out messages on Snapchat as well. Nuggets rookie Michael Porter Jr. made that mistake Tuesday and he may have leaked NBA commissioner Adam Silver’s personal cell phone number as a result. The snap, captioned with the phrase “Lunch yet?,” captured a slide revealing Silver’s cell number, office phone and email address with the commissioner on stage speaking.

Sources say the NBA issued a memo to all 30 teams on Wednesday detailing changes that will be required before the start of the 2019-20 season. According to the memo, which was obtained by The Athletic, teams are now expected to: • Retain and make available to players on a voluntary basis one to two mental health professionals who are licensed in their field and locality, and with experience in assessing and treating clinical mental health issues. • Identify a licensed psychiatrist (M.D. or D.O.) to be available to assist in managing player mental health issues.
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The National Basketball Players Association was integral in this process of creating a stronger support system, coordinating and communicating with the NBA at every step along the way (Dooling, it should be noted, is the director of the NBPA’s mental health and wellness program that was launched last summer). The goal, according to sources, was to provide a wide range of resources for all sorts of scenarios – from the players who simply needed to talk to the ones who might be experiencing something far more serious and challenging. The league’s move to require a certain type of mental health infrastructure as opposed to simply suggesting it, both sides agreed, would create a level of consistency that was seen as important.