Adam Silver Rumors

After a U.S. senator grilled the NBA over its purported new contract with China’s state-sponsored CCTV – and any free speech concessions such a deal might’ve required – The Post obtained a copy of the league’s response denying any deal had been struck or restrictions had even been discussed. The Chinese Communist Party daily Global Times (citing reporter Zhao Huanyu) stated China Central Television’s broadcast of the March 7 All-Star Game marked the start of NBA coverage returning to normal in China. Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.) fired off a two-page letter to commissioner Adam Silver questioning why the NBA cut a deal with a network controlled by the Communist party. Blackburn pressed Silver on 1) the details on the reported new contract and exactly what the league would need to “adhere to” regarding touchy subjects like Hong Kong and the Xinjiang region, (2) what the financial hit of being off CCTV was, and 3) the role China’s CEO Michael Ma — whose father is a top CCTV executive – played in the deal. Silver was given until March 30 to answer.

Pensions for ABA players to be announced soon?

Dropping Dimes Foundation CEO Scott Tarter on pension for ABA players: ‘The most recent communication we had with the NBA was just this week on Monday and they are continuing to discuss with us the overall issue, but I personally was very gratified because we’re at the stage now where we are exchanging very specific information about the players: who would be eligible, etc. So we’re now down to very very fine details. So I believe that there will be an announcement made before the end of the season.’
Adrian Wojnarowski: Talks have been ongoing for several months on Hill taking over Colangelo after the Tokyo Olympics. Adam Silver was a major proponent of Hill candidacy, For starters, Hill will be tasked with selecting next USA coach post-Gregg Popovich.