Adam Silver Rumors

In October, NBA commissioner Adam Silver said on the Stephen A. Smith Show that while Seattle “was a great destination and there’s some storied teams that played there, we’re just not in expansion mode at the moment.” But come here and you will find that no matter the city’s feelings about the team that left, it loves the game that was left behind. “Seattle’s been synonymous with basketball for a long time,” Phillips says. “I know the city really wants basketball. It’s really big here. It just needs to make its way back.”
It’s been 5 years since the NBA forced Donald Sterling to sell the L.A. Clippers — but the billionaire tells TMZ Sports he’s STILL a fan of his former team and rooting for them in the playoffs. Remember, Commissioner Adam Silver banned Sterling for life on April 29, 2014 over racist comments recorded by V. Stiviano and published on TMZ. The league forced Sterling to sell the team — which he did a few months later for the whopping price of $2 BILLION. Sterling has since moved on with his life — but when we spotted him in Beverly Hills, we had to know if he’s still following the Clippers, and rooting for them in the playoffs. “Of course,” the 84-year-old billionaire told us on his way out of Nate’n Al … “And, I wish them the best!”
NBA commissioner Adam Silver reiterated Friday that he remains intrigued by the possibility of the NBA adding some kind of midseason tournament to its schedule in the future. “It may be that even if guys were playing all 82 games, it’s not the optimal way to present it from a fan standpoint,” Silver said at his news conference following the league’s annual end-of-season meeting of its Board of Governors. “I think we always have to step back and remind ourselves that at the end of the day this is about the fan, especially as the media landscape is changing and the bundle of pay television is changing, and we may move into a world where we have to win that support of the viewer every night.
2 weeks ago via ESPN