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Adidas AG is seeking more than 1 billion euros ($1.1 billion) in German government aid as it grapples with the fallout of the coronavirus pandemic, people familiar with the matter said. The sporting goods maker is in talks with German state-owned bank KfW about a financing package, according to the people, who asked not to be identified because the information is private. Adidas has been discussing a range of around 1 billion euros to 2 billion euros in loans, though the final amount and timing haven’t been decided, the people said.
Roland Lazenby: What happened was Kobe wasn’t even thinking about – I mean he liked Michael Jordan but he did think to be exactly like Jordan with shaving his head and all that stuff, that was because Adidas discovered him and thought that he could be the next Jordan and told his AAU coach that. They began pushing that agenda and suddenly what do you do when you have a 16 year old kid and you tell him he’s going to be the next Jordan? Well next thing you know he’s shaving his head, he’s studying the tapes, you know if that’s going to be his job he’d better know what it is. And so then everybody was saying that Kobe was some kind of – I don’t know what the problem was with Kobe, but it was negative. If you recall even in Philly it was negative. Like he was trying to jump line.
Roland Lazenby: I think that’s probably sort of the attitude; Kobe and his family was trying to jump line at the cafeteria or something you know? They thought that he was trying to jump in front of people. I know Rick Fox told me that. When Kobe came to the Lakers as a teenager, you know there’s all these veterans working hard for their money and here’s this kid being shoved in front of us and so it created – and he never once bothered to say, ‘Man I wasn’t planning any of this, this stuff just happened to me’… he was granted by working as hard as he did, smart as he was, but he wasn’t out there schemin’…