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Oladipo recently hired a public relations agent. He fired his basketball agent at Creative Artists Agency and hired William Morris Entertainment to boost his profile . “Some things just don’t work out, aren’t necessarily a great fit. I just felt like I needed time off from that aspect of the business,” Oladipo says. “I’ll worry about that stuff later. It’s a sign I’m going in a different direction.”
Storyline: Agent Changes
Question: So you just got a call that morning (you signed Cousins) — can you take us through how it went down? Bob Myers: We talked, I talked to his agent Jerry (Akana) in the morning, and he said: “What are you guys trying to do?” And I said: “What are you trying to do?” From there, I was honest, I said there’s not a lot we can do. Then hearing from there they were open to (taking the mid-level exception), that was the first moment where it looked like there was a possibility it would happen. Then I talked to DeMarcus pretty early that morning. That was really just the beginning of it, just (wondering) if it was something he’d really consider. Hearing his voice, hearing his conviction, it made it real to me.
Storyline: DeMarcus Cousins Free Agency
“Last year, we had a deal locked in with a team. We passed on other offers for this one and it was locked in. Then, the team backed out and stopped communicating with us. It’s a team that we’ve similar issues with in the past. There are probably five or six teams that I don’t care to deal with. You just can’t trust them. If they draft one of my guys, great. But I’m not going out of my way to get one of my guys on those teams.”