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Cornish’s unorthodox path to Beyond Athlete was one he may not have thought was possible if not for one of his idols: Rich Paul of Klutch Sports Group. Paul, who famously represents stars like Davis and LeBron James, didn’t play college ball like Cornish, but he didn’t get his start the way most agents do. There was no internship that got him into the game or a longstanding relationship with some of the other top agents around the NBA.
Paul’s background as an African-American from the inner city of Greater Cleveland is one that inspired Cornish to believe that it was possible to take this path and have success, even if he doesn’t follow in the footsteps of some of the agents who preceded him. “Rich is at the top of the game and you can’t help but respect how hard he worked to get himself to that point,” Cornish said. “He’s definitely a guy I follow and I would love to reach the level of success he’s gotten to one day. It’s important to have faces like that at the top that shows people like me it’s possible.”
In his first interview since leaving school to turn professional, Wiseman told ESPN that he cried every night in his dormitory room during the turbulent episode with the NCAA, ultimately leaving school amid a 12-game suspension for rules violations that Wiseman insists he hadn’t been aware occurred. “I was really in the middle of a hurricane,” Wiseman told ESPN in an interview that aired Friday. “That’s like the worst place you could possibly be. Just having the mental agony and the suffering, crying every night because I just wanted to get on the court so much.”
Wiseman signed with Excel Sports for his professional representation and remains a strong possibility to become the No. 1 overall pick. “I wanted to have a great collegiate career,” Wiseman told ESPN. “I wanted to win a national championship. But throughout the course of the first two games, everything started to go down in terms of my mental [well-being]. I was getting depressed. It was dehumanizing for me.”
Mark Termini, the attorney/agent currently working as contract negotiator for the Klutch Sports Group, is perhaps the staunchest opponent of the buyout maneuver often pursued by NBA teams and players. Termini has not negotiated a buyout of an NBA contract during the course of his 30-plus years in the industry. It has been clear that Tristan Thompson wouldn’t be his first.
5 days ago via RealGM
“Buyouts are usually misunderstood by the player, and many times by the agent as well,” Termini told RealGM. “I’m open-minded, but I have not yet been presented with a situation where the benefits of the buyout outweigh the current and potential negatives to the player. Maybe I will see something in the future that makes sense. If a team wants to move on from a player, they always have the right to waive that player.”
5 days ago via RealGM