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Wasserman, the global sports talent agency founded and led by entertainment and sports executive Casey Wasserman, is acquiring The Montag Group, home of many big name sports broadcasters including Bob Costas, James Brown and Jim Nantz. The deal combines Wasserman, which represents top athletes like the National Basketball Association’s Russell Westbrook and Major League Baseball’s Giancarlo Stanton, with the firm founded by Sandy Montag, the longtime agent of late football coach and broadcaster John Madden.
“I think it’s easier to approach a player when there are incentives,” an NBA agent told HoopsHype. “I think that makes it an easier conversation. When you don’t have those incentives, it’s a tougher conversation. To be honest, being a non-athlete makes it even harder. I think they’re regular people who struggle with weight, whether it’s for mental reasons or insecurities. You just tell guys, ‘Look, this is going to affect your career. It’s going to affect what’s going to happen with you now, what’s next, and how you get paid. Let’s get our sh*t together.’”