Agents Rumors

Pick started considering this transition toward the end of last season after an eye-opening talk with an agent. He was asking for information about the agent’s clients, as always. (He estimates that he sent approximately 500 WhatsApp messages per day). While this conversation started like many others, the agent became annoyed and said he didn’t have time to chat. Pick continued to pry for info, but the frustrated agent wouldn’t tell him anything. Finally, the agent said six words that changed the way Pick viewed his career. “You’re chasing tweets,” the agent said. “I’m chasing money!”
“That was a holy-sh** moment,” Pick said. “I realized that every time I tweeted about a transaction, someone was getting paid [from that deal]. I’m 30 years old with two kids and I’m doing all this for tweets? That changed my whole perception of what I was doing. I was working hard and running after stories. I’d get compliments like, ‘Wow, you know the inside scoop before everybody! You’re so connected! You’re doing work 24/7!’ Okay… Where does that get me? Nowhere. ESPN isn’t calling. What’s the next step?”
Finally, he noticed how many overseas agents struggle to communicate with players, executives and coaches due to the language barrier. Pick speaks four languages – English, French, Russian and Hebrew – which he believes will give him an advantage in his new line of work. “A lot of these European agents speak to their players in broken English,” Pick said. “And nowadays, a lot of teams in Europe go directly to the American agent; they don’t want to deal with the European agent because a lot of things can get lost in translation.