Agents Rumors

Agent 2: “It’s just to put more pressure on the team. You want the deal to get done and make sure the team won’t backtrack. For example, let’s say there’s a verbal commitment in place with a team. It’s only a verbal commitment and there may be another free agent who they were strongly considering who’s still available. That’s where I may leak out that it’s ‘a done deal’ between my player and the team, even though it’s not completely done. Then, the news is all over the place; media people are reacting, fans are reacting and it’s much tougher for a team to back out. That’s why we leak stuff.”
Agent 1: “It does happen; some agents do leak fake stuff. But the credible reporters can just call someone else to confirm the story, so I’d say 90 percent of the information that gets reported by the top guys is true. It’s not like you can just tell Woj false information and he’s going to put it out there solely based on what you said. Before something gets put out, they verify it and try to confirm it. There may be some non-credible media guy who’s trying to get into the business and wants to make a splash who will run something without confirming it. But nobody will even take it seriously if it’s coming from a person without any credibility. Teams won’t even see it. When it comes to the credible media guys, an agent may try to leak false information, but it won’t get published. I think it’s dumb because it does serious damage to your relationship with the media and isn’t even that beneficial.”
Agent 10: “The team staffs are so much bigger now than they were in the past, so it creates so many more sources for reporters to get information from. There are more people in these meetings and more people with solid information. And I’ve seen young guys leak stuff to the press because they’re trying to move up and make themselves relevant. They think if they give some info to a reporter, it could help their career.”
Agent 5: “You go to a guy like Lee Jenkins for an amazing, in-depth article on your guy. I like Sam Amick a lot because he’s a well-rounded writer; he can break news, but he can also put together a fantastic article and expound on topics too. I go to beat writers if I want an article about something my guy is doing in the community. It depends on the situation. But if you’re just talking about where to go with a scoop, it’s hard to pass up a ‘Woj Bomb.’”