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During the 1985 Western Conference finals, the closest English and the Nuggets got to the NBA Finals in Denver, Worthy was asked how he planned on guarding English. The Lakers forward appealed to a higher power. “Say a couple of prayers before the game,” Worthy cracked. English’s prolific production also helped put him on par with another local deity. “John Elway and Alex English,” Lever said. “Nobody cared about anybody else.”

Alex English on snub: 'I was even more hurt this time'

You were snubbed on the 50th-anniversary list. Were you optimistic about the 75th? Alex English: I was thinking that maybe people realized it was a mistake not having me on the 50th-anniversary list. I felt I should have been on that one. But I was even more hurt this time because they added 25 more players. They could have kept all 50 of the original names but added me. They added Dominique Wilkins and Bob McAdoo who were scorers as well. So what reason was I not included? Is it because Dominique was a great dunker? I feel that he belongs there as well. So does McAdoo. They were great. But my body of work was just as good. What I did during the era I played, no one scored as many points. Every year, we were in the playoffs. It was just disappointing.
How did you find out you were not included on the NBA’s 75th-anniversary list? Alex English: The television broadcast. That stung. At the same time, I was getting calls from the league to be measured for something. I thought maybe I was on that list. I would have assumed. But I guess that’s not what I was being measured for. It just stings. I know what I did. I know the work that I put in. When I look at who they have on that list, and you tell me I shouldn’t be included, I don’t like that. I think the way they did it was a little flawed. I will get over it. Like I said in my tweet, I congratulate thepeople who got selected.
Alex English: I can’t say I’m not disappointed but I know my body of work stands up or is better. It’s not something I can continue to harp on and be worried about. This is my last conversation about it if I can help it. I want to move beyond this. I was disappointed. I’m moving on. My whole life goes on. I still live life. Life to me is more than just my basketball career. I don’t want to sound like sour grapes. That’s not what it’s going to be. I’ve moved on from that. Basketball was a part of my life but I have a whole life.
Storyline: NBA's 75 Greatest Players
What were the flaws with the methodology on how the league selected its players? Alex English: I don’t like that they included all of the same 50 players from the 50th-anniversary list. You also can’t have too many of the young people voting because they’re going to look at what they see now. They might not remember me or know about my game. It’s flawed in that sense and I think that basketball minds have to be the people that voted.