Alex English Rumors

Rush: You mentioned this being an opportunity for Michael Porter Jr. to step into some of the void left by Jamal Murray’s injury. What do you see as being his upside if things work out? Alex English: I like the fact that he can do a lot of things on the floor. He’s a good rebounder, he can pass the ball, he can shoot the three, certainly. He can score. He’s a scorer. That’s his upside. I guess the thing that’s going to make him exceptional and outstanding is having the mental aspect, the mental output that goes with that. There’s a lot of guys that have had those types of skills and all that. But the way you look at the game, the way you deal with the game every night, night in and night out, and the way you handle your teammates. Being a good teammate, all that stuff is very important.
Rush: Speaking of Millsap, obviously his role has kind of been somewhat diminished as he’s reaching the twilight years of his career, but how important is it as the Nuggets make hopefully a deep playoff run to have players of his veteran experience on the team in that situation? Alex English: Well, they’re going to have to have Millsap. Not only does he have experience, he’s still got a lot of talent, he still can play. And you know, you don’t count him out. I think the knowledge that he has, having a veteran like that to be teaching Michael Porter Jr. and some of those other young players, I think that’s very important when you get in the playoffs, and as you move your team forward. So I wouldn’t count Paul Millsap out. I like him as a player. He’s very solid, you know. He’s gonna give you what he’s got and what he can give you every night.
The University of South Carolina’s first African American basketball star, a former NBA veteran running unopposed with the governor’s backing, would appear to be a slam dunk for election to a full term on the school’s Board of Trustees. But Alex English still had to sweat out his reelection somewhat on Wednesday after a conservative lawmaker insisted on a roll call vote in which 10 Republicans voted against the former pro athlete, just one of two Black members of the 21-member board. About two dozen Republicans didn’t vote at all.
The basketball and soccer clubs of Napoli were not at all well-connected like they are at, say, Real Madrid in Spain, where Luka Doncic of the Dallas Mavericks regularly intersected with Real’s soccer stars before making the leap to the N.B.A. The suspension helped scuttle English’s chances of meeting Maradona during the season they could be both referred to as Napoli players. “I think I got close to him once,” English said. A lasting impression was made anyway. Maradona’s profile was so substantial that English, in a telephone interview, likened him to the larger-than-life Wilt Chamberlain as much as Jordan. It’s a shame they didn’t meet because Maradona, who died last week at the age of 60, was a huge N.B.A. fan. In a 2019 interview with TyC Sports, Maradona said that he began admiring the San Antonio Spurs from afar even before they employed Manu Ginobili, his fellow Argentine, and kept loving the league long enough to become a Stephen Curry fan.