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Alex Kline Rumors

Initially, Kline thought most players could play in the NBA, and would refer to them as being able to play in “The League.” Papile would respond the same way: “Which League?” He emphasized the need for Kline to look beyond the sports information director’s biography of a player. He wanted to know everything about a player, where he’s “from-from,” in Papile’s words. His family background, the role of basketball in a player’s life, what made him pick up a ball, what motivates him. Inquisitive by nature, Kline, with his ample recruiting background, took that advice quickly. “In another business, he could be a headhunter for a Fortune 500 company,” Papile said. “He has those types of skills where he doesn’t look at the résumé. ‘He likes to look between the lines’ is a good way to put it.”
“Alex is wise beyond his years and someone I have always respected for both his hard-working mentality and talent evaluating skills,” new Knicks president Leon Rose told The Post in an email. “He will be a solid addition to the versatile and innovative front office that we are assembling.” Kline is on a path to stardom, most agree. People his age are typically still trying to find their calling. He’s thriving at his. He didn’t get lucky. He made his breaks. The question is how high he can go. “The nature of his contact base is very good and he’s not going to go changing,” Clibanoff said. “He’s on his way.”