Alex Martins Rumors

McGrady, now an ESPN analyst and a special assistant to Magic CEO Alex Martins, was asked what the Magic need to do over the next year or two to improve. “You have to make it appealing for free agents to come here, and that’s the draft,” McGrady answered. “You have to discover great talent through the draft, and hopefully that talent develops like a Ben Simmons or a Joel Embiid. If you could put that together, then free agents will want to come here.”
Storyline: Magic Front Office
The Orlando Magic will not play outside North America during the 2018-19 preseason or regular season, Magic CEO Alex Martins told the Orlando Sentinel. Months ago, the Magic informed NBA officials that they wanted to play in China or Japan during the preseason in 2018. The Magic still want to go to the Far East in future seasons — and may do so as early as the preseason in 2019.
“We told all the candidates that Frank Vogel’s our coach,” Alex Martins said after the formal question-and-answer session. “That was probably the only non-negotiable, and that comes directly from ownership. Ownership believes that Frank hasn’t had a chance, that he was dealt a short deck, so to speak, in terms of the overall complete roster and that he deserves a chance with the right administration and the right roster movement to be able to prove what he’s done in the past, and that is to be successful.”