All-Star Rumors

Jerry West: So at the end of the day, we gave up three of our draft picks and a terrific young player in Shai, who I think we all feel horrible about. And Gallo (Gallinari), who is a very good player himself. Those are the difficult things, letting players go who you really like. I think Shai is going to be an All-Star player in this league for a long time, and he’ll keep getting better. But we have two finished products right in the prime of their careers (in Leonard and George) – or just getting in the prime of their careers. Two of them who have the same DNA – great offensive players, but more importantly really great defensive players. And I’m not talking about good defensive players, I’m talking about great defensive players. Those players decide games on both ends of the floor.
When we asked if entering the 2020 contest was a real possibility, Howard wouldn’t commit … instead telling us his main focus this season in winning an NBA title with the Lakers. “I have thought about it, but winning the championship is the most important thing. I have all the individual accolades but I don’t have the trophy so hopefully, we can win this title this year, which I believe we can.”
He sees this new game as an opportunity to clear up many misconceptions about the state. “Look, we’re gonna see the same host of characters that go to every All-Star Game, and they’re gonna put all the celebrities on the front row which is bulls— by the way, but the thing about it is to be able to be at home and showing people our city and not the stereotype of, ‘Aw, it’s Utah. Oh, it’s the Mormons,’ but ‘Hey, it’s Baptist, Catholic, Jewish, and just a whole smorgasbord of religions, races and ethnicities’ but it’s got that rep,” Malone said. “Everybody is quick to say, ‘Oh, I don’t know about Utah, because you can’t find alcohol,’ but first of all it’s a state liquor store on every corner and then on the flip side of it, hell, bring your own. “It’s just that stereotype but it’s amazing and I just smile and I couldn’t help but say, ‘It’s about damn time that it came back,'” he added. “So, even though I’m not involved in it at this point, I’m just so happy.”