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As he returned to the floor after halftime, his smile had not dissipated. He quickly grabbed three more dunks and hit a short hook shot that seemingly hit every part of the rim before falling through the net. He was 15-of-15 from the field when he lined up his third 3-pointer of the night. Knowing his perfect game was at stake, the game’s television broadcasters yelled, “No, no, no!” as Antetokounmpo let it go, but the shot ricocheted perfectly off the glass and through the net to give Antetokounmpo 36 points and his final basket of the game. “I was just having fun,” Antetokounmpo said. “Sometimes when you’re just having fun, you’re not thinking about the outcome, it just happens. I just let my instinct take over.”
“Obviously, I’m extremely happy,” Antetokounmpo said. “Just having an award named after Kobe Bryant in my house, it’s a great feeling. I wanted to win the one last year really bad, but I didn’t have the chance to win because I felt like I wanted to have that trophy in my house. This year, I wasn’t even thinking about winning it. I was just thinking about having fun. And I had the opportunity to play well, my teammates played great. And I was able to win it and just having a trophy named after Kobe Bryant, it’s amazing and I know he would be happy.”
Lillard said he told him the windmill dunk felt like a backup-type dunk. “I told him, ‘If you do the kiss dunk — I’ve never seen nobody do that,’” Lillard said. The finishing touches on the kiss dunk were also offered by Lillard. When Simons landed, he blew a kiss up toward the rim. “I have to take credit for that,” Lillard said. “That was my idea to blow a kiss at the rim so people know that’s what he was doing.”
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“T-Mac was my hero growing up,” Simons said. “He was the first person I saw, and I fell in love with the game. He and LeBron (James) were the first jerseys I ever had. He was just a big impact on my life, especially him being from Florida as well.” Simons, who is shy by nature, said he still hasn’t met his idol. “I had a chance to meet him a couple times when I was younger, but I was too scared to meet him,” Simons said. “So hopefully one day I get to meet him.”
Philadelphia 76ers teammates Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons missed the NBA All-Star Game in Atlanta, with the league announcing the decision earlier Sunday. The two had contact with a barber who has since tested positive for the coronavirus, sources told ESPN. The barber, located in the Philadelphia area, tested positive after undergoing additional testing on Sunday because of an inconclusive positive test, sources said.
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