Amelia Motz Rumors

If James is impressed by a player, no matter the level, he fires off a tweet. “The next thing you know,” says Mims, “we’ll go into the city where the kid lives, and he’ll be there. LeBron just took care of it.” James never had an NBA mentor, so he is counseling a generation. He holds annual basketball camps, and four years ago at the LeBron James King’s Academy in Akron, he was struck by a fourth-grader with a wicked crossover named Amelia Motz. “I think it’s because I was a pretty good white girl,” Motz says, “and I didn’t ask him for anything.” She kept returning to the camp, and two summers ago James told her to keep in touch. She texted him when she received her first college letter, from Pitt, and he showed up last season to one of her games at Canton’s Jackson Middle School. At the time, Motz was deciding whether to stay at Jackson for high school or go to St. Vincent-St. Mary, LeBron’s alma mater, and James shot with her the next day. “People were pulling me in a thousand directions, and he just told me to do what felt best for me,” Motz says. “It’s not about who he is but what he has to offer as a friend. He’s like a big brother.” When she turned 14 in July, James took her and her mother to Red Lobster for dinner. Motz is now a freshman guard at St. Vincent-St. Mary, 5’9″ with a long brown ponytail, and feeling guilty because she recently won a starting spot after the regular point guard tore her ACL. “Last week I talked to LeBron about it,” Motz says. “I want to earn everything I get, and I was worried I didn’t deserve it. He told me someone had to step in, and I put myself in position to do that.”