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Andre Smith Rumors

Andre Smith, the younger brother of Lakers forward Kyle Kuzma, is one of the 265 players aiming to hear their names called in the NBA 2K League Draft Basketball runs in the family of Los Angeles Lakers forward Kyle Kuzma. His younger brother Andre Smith, though, has found his niche in the virtual form of the game through NBA 2K. Smith, who goes by the name “AlwayzDre” in the game, is one of the 265 players seeking to hear their names called in the NBA 2K League Draft slated on Saturday, March 13 (Sunday, March 14, Manila time).
“Man, this is crazy,” Andre Smith told his big brother. “I’m really about to be in the league.” “The league?” Lakers forward Kyle Kuzma shot back. “You’re not in the league. I’m in THE league.” They might both be right — in very different ways. Franchises from the NBA’s 2K League will fill their teams with the best virtual basketball players ahead of the league’s fourth season with its annual draft on Saturday. Smith will be in the player pool of around 250 gamers hoping to land one of the 63 available roster spots.
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Kuzma, an avid gamer who has been traveling this season with a video game monitor, saw Smith’s skills explode in a very unbrotherly whooping in the sport Kuzma plays professionally at the highest level. “It wasn’t fun playing with him. … But eventually as time grew and he got a lot better at it. About two years ago, he finally beat me in ‘2K’ for the first time,” Kuzma said. “… He kicked my ass. I was like, damn. This dude got better.”