Andy Dolich Rumors

Former NBA executive Andy Dolich said the owners will weigh Sacramento’s past success and loyalty to the NBA against Seattle’s ample wealth. The board of governors will insist on seeing revenue projections for the team in its proposed new home. “You have to be pretty specific,” said Dolich, who was president of the Vancouver Grizzlies when they moved to Memphis in 2001. “The building, demographics of the marketplace, broadcasting.” Dolich said NBA owners want the Kings located in whatever market enhances the overall prosperity of the league – and their own franchises. “The blood of this is green – it’s money,” he said.
Dolich said the NBA doesn’t take relocation lightly – “stability is important.” But the league is also wary of picking a fight with one of its owners, especially if it could spill into the courts. When the Maloofs went to the board of governors last year to explain why they were abandoning an arena project for downtown Sacramento, they brought with them a lawyer specializing in antitrust cases.
As for Seattle, the ownership group led by Chris Hansen has made an offer to the Maloofs, but NBA sources said the amount is short of the reported $525 million. According to Forbes Magazine, the Kings are the 23d most valuable NBA team at $300 million, so it’s highly unlikely the Hansen group would offer nearly twice that.