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Heat keeping Duncan Robinson?

The Heat, I’m told, are likewise strong favorites to re-sign restricted free agent sharpshooter Duncan Robinson with or without the addition of DeRozan and are believed to be attempting to make all of these moves without surrendering Tyler Herro via trade. Longtime Heat executive Andy Elisburg, regarded as one of the league’s foremost salary-cap savants, will only add to his legend if Miami can get all that done.
Anthony Chiang: Tyler Herro, Erik Spoelstra, Octavio De La Grana, Eric Glass, Chris Quinn and Udonis Haslem and other Heat representatives have already visited Surfside in recent days to pay their respects. This afternoon, Bam Adebayo and Andy Elisburg will be heading to the Surfside site.
It’s possible that some combination of coach Erik Spoelstra, general manager Andy Elisburg, assistant GM Adam Simon and CEO Nick Arison could fill Riley’s personnel responsibilities when he retires, but that’s speculative at this point. Alonzo Mourning, the Heat’s vice president of player programs, also could be considered for a bigger role if he’s interested.
History has shown us that no one ever really knows what Pat Riley is up to. That’s part of his genius, right? And as one interested executive put it, you can never put anything past him. But if you thought the Bucks culture was picky, the Heat ecosystem is on a different level altogether. So when it comes to this question of whether Riles, longtime general manager Andy Elisburg and coach Erik Spoelstra might want to convert Harden into their world of discipline and dirty work, it’s safe to say there’s serious skepticism here from sources close to the situation. Especially considering Harden’s recent antics.
That is where the ownership groups for both the Lakers and Heat — as well as additional guests for each team — have spent the past week during the NBA Finals. At a hotel near Disney’s ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex, these two competing sides — like the teams that also are sharing the bubble — find themselves awkwardly close together for the duration of the series. “It’s beyond words,” said Bernie Lee, the agent for Heat star Jimmy Butler. “I’m sitting and having lunch with [Miami president Pat Riley] and [general manager Andy Elisburg],” Lee said, “and 10 feet away from us is the entire Laker leadership.”
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