Andy Miller Rumors

After his teenage brother Dorian tragically died of heart disease, Dawkins tapped into his basketball network to pay for a memorial and an AAU team in Dorian’s memory. He says he quickly raised more than a hundred thousand dollars from some of the most important people in the sport. His network mattered. Before long, NBA agent Andy Miller noticed Dawkins and hired him. Fast forward a few years and Dawkins is at the NBA draft, barely legal to drink, sitting in the green room with Miller and Elfrid Payton’s family. Rodney Hood, Fred VanVleet … Dawkins was instrumental in directing their careers, in the belly of the basketball beast. “Everybody knew Andy was paying players,” Dawkins says in “The Scheme.” “Andy’s been paying players since I was born. It wasn’t, like, a secret.”
According to Altman, having Drew in charge for the rest of the year is one option. But Altman didn’t want to get into the specifics of those conversations. “It’s not fair to get into negotiations, especially doing it publicly through the media. That’s not fair to Larry, it’s not fair to his representation,” he said. “But again, he’s an asset and we’re happy to have him right now.”