Andy Roeser Rumors

The NBA announced Tuesday that Los Angeles Clippers President Andy Roeser will be taking an indefinite leave of absence, effective immediately. The announcement comes on the heels of the NBA announcing recently that they will appoint a chief executive officer to supervise the team’s operations. Mike Bass, Executive Vice President, Communications, said, “This will provide an opportunity for a new CEO to begin on a clean slate and for the team to stabilize under difficult circumstances.”
Roeser and Shelly Sterling are the two alternate governors for the Clippers, and for the time being Roeser will run the day-to-day operations of the team. But the NBA will act swiftly, likely appointing a trustee to oversee the team and moving to force a sale quickly. Those who know Sterling expect him to fight in court. “Knowing him, I would think the first thing is, ‘How do I fight it? What is the legal strategy here?'” said Steve Soboroff, a civic leader, a longtime Clippers season-ticket holder and the driving force behind the building of Staples Center in Los Angeles. “Sterling has never sold anything. I don’t even think he sells his used cars. So this is against his nature. But I believe the way they set it up, so strongly, that he can’t even make decisions having to do with money, having to do with the team, that he cannot continue to own it and eventually he’ll see that.