Anthony Edwards Rumors

Dane Moore: Gersson Rosas on The @ChadHartmanShow said selecting Anthony Edwards and pursuing Malik Beasley in restricted free agency are “independent decisions” — “decisions that had nothing to do with each other”. “We hope that relationship (with Beasley) continues.”
Storyline: Malik Beasley Free Agency
For now, those are only possibilities, the kind of best-case scenario wishful thinking that permeates draft rooms across the league this time of year. But more than anything Edwards did in that practice gym during the one-on-one visit, it was a decision he made that really caught Rosas’ attention. As the workout started, Edwards’ trainer included some shooting drills with midrange jumpers mixed in. “He stops the workout and tells the trainer, ‘Minnesota’s system is different. We’re not taking those shots today,’” Rosas said. “That was him on his own, unprompted. He gets what we’re doing here. He values what we’re doing. That’s what excites us. He’s a young guy who needs a lot of support, needs a lot of development and needs more experience. But he’s an incredibly intelligent young man who understands what’s going on and he’s willing to work to be a very special player in this league.”
“He’s got a lot of character. He’s been through a lot in his life,” Rosas said. “I love his grit. I love his toughness. I love that he has a chip on his shoulder. Does he have everything figured out right now? No. But the passion for being the best person he can be, the passion for the game, the passion for who he wants to become is something we’re excited about.”