Antonio Maceiras Rumors

Austin Ainge visited last week Athens and watched him during a practice of his team. Celtics’ director of player personnel will probably return again in Athens this season, as many other NBA executives are expected to do. Adetocumbo plays the point guard position, but he is 2,07 m. tall (6 ft 9) and has an impressive 2,21 m. (7 ft 2) wingspan. UPDATE: After the Celtics, the Lakers travelled to Athens in order to scout the player in a private work out. Spaniard Antonio Maceiras, the head of European scouting of the team was present.
heinnews: How much impact do you think Ettore Messina had on the Lakers choosing you? Maceiras: Mainly I think they trust Ettore’s opinion. We had a very good cooperation when we worked with Real Madrid. We have a good relationship and we have a very high opinion of each other, professionally and personally. Ettore gave his reference for me and I think that was the key for making this decision. heinnews: What do the Lakers want from you in this new position? Maceiras: The Lakers mainly want – like every NBA team – to get control of the European market. It’s clear that in the latest seasons that the flow of European players to the NBA is steady or even increasing so they want to keep this market under control. And I think I can bring to them my expertise in this business and my knowledge of the European market and my experience.
heinnews: So you are the Lakers international scout for Europe. You are based in Barcelona but are you going from Scandinavia to Israel and everywhere in between? Maceiras: Actually the last two months, I’m traveling an average of five days per week so I forgot where my home is. But it’s exciting to travel and watch basketball and meet people you know for a long time. I consider myself a very lucky person doing this job. heinnews: The Lakers seem to need help at the three position. Is that something the Lakers might be looking at – obviously it depends where you are in the draft and what players are available. Maceiras: I don’t think it’s about concrete positions. For example, depending on trades the rosters can change very much before the end of the season. I mainly focus on the highest potential players. And this is more important for the draft than thinking about a specific position. Thinking about a European rookie coming and reinforcing a specific position is very utopic. It’s much better to focus on the players with the highest potential and get them under control so that if the Lakers decide to go for one of them that they have someone with big upside.
heinnews: One of the goals of the German Bundesliga is to become the number one domestic league in Europe, overtaking Spain. You have seen Germany now a bit and know the Spanish ACB from your years there. What do you think about this goal? Maceiras: It’s a very good question. When I was coming to the gym, I was thinking Germany is really the biggest hope for European basketball, if not the latest hope. I think the organization here is great. The teams are real professional organizations and very consistent. And this is the biggest market in Europe. And also the ethics of the German people is great for basketball. The combination is excellent. It’s just a matter of keeping the development that the German basketball started some years ago. I think the league is getting better all the time. The teams are good and the organization of the games is good. The attendance is good. And I think this Bayern Munich project is something that can really push not just German but European basketball. So in my opinion they are going in the right way. And if they keep going how they are going then they have all the tools to become the best domestic league in Europe.