Antony Ressler Rumors

Over the past few weeks, players started to wonder if Pierce had resigned to the inevitability of his situation and was going to go out his way. As the same story played out in end-of-game situations, sources say Hawks owner Ressler grew incensed with his team losing winnable games in the same manner.
For the past several seasons, Ressler has talked individually with Trae Young, John Collins, Kevin Huerter, Cam Reddish and De’Andre Hunter and asked for their patience. And in those conversations, Ressler said if those players would maintain patience, they would see an improved roster that is ready to make the playoffs. “We have a plan and are not trying to put money in the mattress for a rainy day,” Ressler told The Athletic. “We are trying to invest in this team now.
“I said this to Travis: What’s the point of having all of this cap space if you don’t use it? That’s like looking at a fancy toy that you could never get your hands on. To me, using the cap space was building the cap space, positioning ourselves for this and not using it would have been the great frustration, and Travis certainly shared that view and did everything he could to make sure he used the cap space. We used every bit of that cap space. He did exactly what he was supposed to do, and I’m here with great confidence.”

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