Arash Markazi Rumors

Arash Markazi: Life Update: I will begin teaching at USC this fall and I’ll be moving from ESPNLA to ESPN to cover more national stories starting in July. I will be living, working and teaching in L.A. but I’ll be covering a lot more than just the teams in L.A. starting next month for ESPN. And for undergraduate & graduate journalism students at USC the class is JOUR 432. I think there’s only one spot left for the fall semester.
It looks like these ignorant comments continue from Fox, as Fox Deportes reporter Erika Reidt posted an insensitive comment to a photo of Los Angeles Lakers guard Kobe Bryant wearing the shirt. ESPN writer Arash Markazi posted a photo of Bryant wearing the shirt to Instagram, which led to Reidt commenting, “I’m gonna start wearing a shirt that says ‘I can’t breathe because I obey the law.’”