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Aric Holman Rumors

Tell me a little bit about how you have been preparing for the 2019 NBA draft. Aric Holman: The last few weeks have been back-and-forth finishing school to training in Los Angeles. I feel I’m ready to make a big jump now that I am fully focusing on my training. We’re working on a little bit of everything, which includes things I’m already good at like shooting and my versatility. I’m also focusing on my body and getting in the best shape as possible.
I envision you as someone who can cut very well to the basket in the NBA. How do you think that is something that can translate? Aric Holman: I will always pay attention to my defender and have a feel for the game, knowing which way people are going to drive and make sure they see you. It is all about timing. You don’t want to go too early because if your defender sees you cutting, your defender will always for help and then neither one of us will be open on the offense.