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Armond Hill Rumors

Later Wednesday evening at 8:00, several of the league’s top NBPA player representatives, including Chris Paul and Andre Iguodala, spoke. Bucks forward Kyle Korver, Clippers players Patrick Beverley and Kawhi Leonard, and coaches Doc Rivers, Armond Hill, and John Lucas, Portland’s CJ McCollum and many others spoke. According to one source who was in the meeting, the major themes included voting, police brutality, and more direct action with owners. Another source said more open discussion got done once coaches left the players’ meeting. For reference, Rivers has spoken about players remaining in the bubble and using their platform to continue speaking on the issue of racism in the country.
The interview website Piqued has published an interview with Armond Hill, an Assistant Coach for the Los Angeles Clippers (NBA). Hill talks about his time coaching the 2008 NBA Champion Boston Celtics, names some of his “dream team,” and offers insight into how he goes about coaching NBA legends and perpetual All-Stars. Excerpt: “People think, ‘Oh the pros, they don’t want to listen, etc…’ That’s the furthest thing from the truth. See, the number one thing about the pros is that—and believe it or not, they all want to get better. The key thing is, when you tell them something, you better be right.