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Arn Tellem Rumors

On if Arn Tellem told the other teams not to pick Kobe… Sonny Vaccaro: Well that was Arn’s job and I answered people’s questions the way I answered them and I wasn’t his lawyer and Arn handled it beautifully. What I know for a fact is that I think that they may have made it ‘difficult’ for the other four teams to… and not demeaning the other four kids picked before Kobe, but it was a mistake and as we further went on and for you just to know for the record, when he signed his shoe contract with Adidas, Nike never made a bid. There was a lot of people who DID NOT believe in Kobe Bryant. I believed in him. There was no question about it.
Arn Tellem: Of all the athletes and executives shamed and ridiculed in the first two episodes, the most brutal — and gratuitous — character assassination was reserved for Jerry West (played in the series by Jason Clarke), the universally beloved former Lakers player, coach and general manager known as Mr. Clutch. In the series opener, which aired on March 6, his character seemed to be modeled on Yosemite Sam — a boozy, impulsive hothead who steamrollered anyone in his path, angrily snapped a golf club over his knee and stormed away to curse out a colleague, and chucked his 1969 NBA Finals MVP trophy through his office window in a fit of frustration.
Arn Tellem: Never mind that West is a health nut who has always shied away from alcohol. Never mind he’s not just a gentleman but a gentle man who prides himself on treating others with grace and compassion. And never mind that his old office at the “Fabulous Forum” didn’t have windows. Indeed, none of the arena’s basketball offices did. I ought to know. I was there.
Arn Tellen: As a former player agent who is now vice chairman of the Detroit Pistons, I have known West for more than 40 years. During that time, I have observed, negotiated and socialized with him. In all of our dealings, he has been courteous, respectful, generous and self-deprecating. He’s never once lost his temper. He’s always heard me out. Many of the players I represented sought his counsel, both professionally and personally. Having battled depression during his entire adult life, West has a deep awareness of the suffering of others, coupled with the wish to relieve it. Sure, he can be moody. But when frustrated, he doesn’t lash out. He withdraws into himself.