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Arn Tellem Rumors

Eastern Conference executive 1: All worthy candidates to at least consider, but Cade is hard to pass on. Eastern Conference executive 2: Now, maybe (GM Troy Weaver) sees something in Mobley that nobody else sees. And that could be him. Troy knows how to pick ’em. So maybe he sees something in Evan that he doesn’t quite see in Cade — long term, for their team. The other part about Evan is Wasserman. Arn (Tellem, the former mega-agent, who is now the Pistons’ vice chairman) created Wasserman, so there could be a connection there.
Rod Beard: Some reactions to Ben Wallace’s selection to the Hall of Fame, from #Pistons team owner Tom Gores, vice chairman Arn Tellem, former team executive Joe Dumars and former coach Larry Brown.

She underscored the Pistons’ involvement since early June in being involved in the voting process and how it helped set a precedent for sports teams in the country. “Before the trend began, and really through their leadership and their example, we saw teams all across the country open up their arenas, open up their facilities … and partnered with NBA teams to expand that even more, recruiting poll workers,” Benson said. “This what the Pistons have done back in August and now for November, and so grateful for their leadership.”