Arturas Karnisovas Rumors

But for now, the roster is up to 15 players, with one two-way contract poised to be signed by Devon Dotson and another likely earmarked for restricted free agent Adam Mokoka. It’s been intriguing to analyze Karnišovas’ first personnel moves and see how closely they align with his initial declaration of his preferred style of play and overall philosophy.
“I think his perception, I didn’t agree with the perception people have of him,’’ Karnisovas told reporters in a Zoom call hours after grabbing the Florida State forward with the fourth-overall pick. “They thought he was a raw athlete and he wasn’t skilled, and when I saw his skill level and ball handling and shooting and ability to pass, I would disagree that he’s just a raw athlete. He just knows how to play.
“I think another, he’s a versatile defender so he can guard from one-through-five, so I don’t even know what position he is. He’s going to identify that when he gets here to Chicago and coach [Billy] Donovan, he’s going to be able to use him. If you watch Florida State games, after baskets, he would be full-court pressing on top of guards. And that’s a very unique skill for such an athletic and big player.’’
What Karnisovas is banking on is Williams to continue understanding that at 6-foot-8, 225 pounds, his potential at this level is basically untapped. “I just think that the more study you do on Patrick, the more you realize that this is what the NBA is today,’’ Karnisovas said. “We need players in our league that can play multiple positions. He’s an elite athlete. He showed that in college. He wasn’t as consistent, but on campus at Florida State he was at such a young age, and started to pick up at the end of the season. “For us, he was the guy to get.’’